Star Wars: The Old Republic ‘essentially a WoW clone with Star Wars skins’

Doug Creutz, analyst from Cowen & Company has given BioWare’s under development MMO a damning report after having a hands on test of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Creutz describes the game as “highly derivative” of World of Warcraft in the company’s E3 report

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Squall50053319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I'm sure that statement will only excite WoW and Star Wars fans even more.

I'm not particularly a fan of either but it's not exactly bad news.

JsonHenry3319d ago

I never cared for WoW myself. But I am sure hearing this is good news for all WoW fans that also like Star Wars.

I'm just gonna wait for Guild Wars 2.

evrfighter13319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

ummmm I'm in beta and I can assure you other than some ui similarities

this is no wow clone

it's like playing a Bioware single player game with mmo capabilities so far.

Myze3319d ago

Yeah, I don't know how someone who probably got to play the game for 5 min (or 20 min, or whatever) can make an accurate determination about a game that probably has 500+ hours of gameplay.

Also, just from the quote it seems the guy has an agenda against MMOs. Like he was somehow pissed off at them before he even started playing it.

@evrfighter If you are really in the beta, you son of a ... ;)

Urmomlol3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I loved WoW.

I love Star Wars.

Any MMORPG that's tried to be different than WoW has failed.

What's the problem?

TBH, this analyst sounds like an idiot who doesn't know anything about games, as is true about most analysts. I'm going to side with the real journos on this one, minus Kotaku who evidently has been raped by TOR's creators or something and has a major case of the butt hurt against it.

Count3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Any MMORPG that has tried to be different than WoW has failed? Really? Because I can name a few examples that suggest you're wrong.

The problem is that we don't want to essentially play the same game over and over again, that kind of contradicts entertainment and becomes boring.

Cheeseknight283319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I wouldn't mind hearing those examples. Last I checked the following MMOs have all popped up saying that WoW will be toppled from them, and all are fading away, or are dead in the water.

Everquest II
Tabula Rasa
Hellgate London
Age of Conan
Warhammer Online
Final Fantasy XIV

Other MMOs out there that make hardly a dent on WoW's playerbase:

Champions Online
D&D Online
DC Universe
Final Fantasy XI

The only game I can say that is making a surprising impact on WoW is Rift, which is a WoW clone. I don't know what LOTRO's pop is sitting at but I would guess around 2-3 mil, and that's probably the highest other than Rift, except maybe Guild Wars. If you took Rift, Guild Wars, and LOTRO together it *might* give you close to WoW's numbers.

At least there's EVE. Shame about that learning curve.

Tony P3319d ago

I thought it might be too obvious to say but: failure to match WoW's numbers does not mean failure in game design.

WoW is the CoD of MMOs. It's the most popular. but that doesn't mean it's the best. It's completely mainstream and I think a great gateway for prospective MMOers to find more innovative and unique MMOs like some of those erroneously mentioned by Cheeseknight as "failures."

Cheeseknight283318d ago

@Tony P

Where did I say they were failures? Almost all of the top ones are already gone, but the bottom ones have had their success. Just not as much as WoW.

I never said they were failures nor did I make a judge on how good they were.

NovusTerminus3319d ago

Everything that tried something new failed?

EVE would like a word with you...

Merivigian3319d ago

Just now getting that? That's why I'm waiting for GW2.

GusBricker3319d ago

Where the hell is KOTOR 3?

That's the news I want to hear.

Count3319d ago

Yes, mmorpgs are WoW clones, mmorpgs that haven't come out are WoW clones, mmorpgs that have come out before WoW are also WoW clones.

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