Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Fancy Kinect controls will get you killed online

Product-Reviews writes: While everyone loves a gimmick now and again, we’re not sure if Ubisoft’s Kinect features will blend with gamers in the long run.

We’re hoping that Ubisoft will include some sort of ‘Kinect-only’ multiplayer servers, as if you plan to play online using Kinect controls and come up against a player who’s using a standard xbox 360 controller, it’s fair to say that the odds could be heavily stacked against the Kinect user.

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tr00p3r3319d ago

Hands-free just doesn't work for a hardcore shooter like Ghost Recon.

TheBrit3318d ago

They never said you could play the game hands free - they only showed the ability to do the cool customization of gunsmith and testing it on a firing range.

slugg3318d ago

Kinect use in Gunsmith is just a cool option, I doubt there is even a way to play the main single player game or online with Kinect.