GQ | Top 10 E3 2011 Moments

GQ's Top 10 moments at this year's E3.

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vrylstminute3311d ago

Not sure Nintendo are moving in the right direction here; just feels like they are trying to hop on the tablet bandwagon. Add to this their failure to learn from PS and XBox: placing the right analog stick above the buttons. Common sense (which I'm sure M$ and Sony spent a lot of cash confirming scientifically) tells me that you will aim more than you will fire...

granthinds3311d ago

You never know bro, it's all up to the developers at this stage. Something this out of the ordinary like this will only succeed if the developers are onboard. The Playstation VITA could be patched to do the same thing on the PS3 ;) #justsaying

Darranged3311d ago

Absolutely,Nintendo doesn't have to actually appeal the the hardcore l33t gamers,its the casual market they're after.

They've proven that by targeting said demographics,they can make a success of their product,and at the end of the day,its going to be about the cash.

Still,a nintendo tablet based console doesn't sound like a bad idea,and it might present some interesting new twists on games.

granthinds3311d ago

Thanks dude, glad you agree :)

WobblyOnion3311d ago

I think my top E3 moment was standing next to Felicia Day.

Ognipode3311d ago

I agree, where's the damn evidence!?