E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Impressions [RPG Site]

RPG Site dives into FF13-2 with this super detailed over 3000-word Preview and Impressions with hands-on and details of the game's closed-doors showings at E3 2011.

Features in-depth details on the PS3 vs 360 versions, new gameplay systems, graphical improvements and combat changes.

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AP2686d ago

Longest damn preview of all time. ALL TIME.

Herminator2686d ago

But is it as long as FFXIII?

AP2686d ago

Unlike FF13 this preview doesn't take a third of the way in to get interesting. ;)

Godmars2902686d ago

When what's needed is a demo. Maybe.

I really am turned off Square at this point.

femshep2686d ago

I loved it....but then again Im one of the few who actually liked FF13 because im not a cloud obsessed fangirl

WhiteLightning2686d ago

So everyone that hates the game is a cloud fan, wow aren't you smart.

I think FF7 is the most overated FF game and I hate FF13, want to know why, because it was crap...simple.

femshep2686d ago

you say im not smart then your worse cause you only saw the serface of it....there is much more to it then what they present and if you had played the game or any final fantasy to the fullest you would understand that...its like harry potter or the star wars there is so much more to it then what is presented

but your right FF7 is overrated and everyone on this site is full obssesed with it

WhiteLightning2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Theres a differnece though about playing the game to it's fullest.

I didn't really like FF12 that much I played it to the fullest and by the end I could see the flaws and the benefits of it.

I thought it was alright but nothing special, HOWEVER I played FF13 as much as I could and by the end I just gave up it was terriable. I even come to the conclusion that FF12 was a better FF game then 13.

Fact is the majority of gamers on here don't like FF13, it was just a big dispointment and I really don't understand how a person who didn't like FF13 can get hyped up for the sequel

AP2686d ago

FF13 is deeply flawed but isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination.

Killzone3Helghast2686d ago

I'd take FFvs13 over this anyday.. FF13 bored me to tears for the first 30 hours of the game..

Just watching the trailer for versus made me cream my pants :-D but it won't be out till next year..

starshaped2686d ago

I'm not going to hold my breath on seeing Versus next year unfortunately, maybe in japan but i think late 2013 for anywhere else

Redempteur2686d ago

Well FF13-2 has priority because it's the one likely to generate money and they won't release to similar games in the same time spot.

AP2686d ago

By the time versus comes we could be looking at next Gen... will it be too little, too late?

starshaped2686d ago

If nothing is announced for it at TGS or that SE conference (i forget the name) then it will be too late anyway, next gen or not, especially if work on FFXV begins when XIII-2 launches.

fluffydelusions2686d ago

Hopefully next gen are all backwards compatible.

coolfool2686d ago

I think the reason versus is taking so long is because it will be multi-platform. I'm not just saying that to stir but because this is square and the game is taking ages to develop.

AP2686d ago

After so many years and such a huge budget, to stay console specific and potentially limit sales seems crazy. FF13 still sold around 2m on 360, after all. So... maybe.