Diehard GameFAN: Red Faction: Armageddon Review

DHGF: I was a big fan of Red Faction Guerilla. It was a refreshing change from the games of the day. You could even drive trucks through buildings, leaving holes shaped like trucks in them. It satisfied an itch that I’ve always felt games should scratch – namely testing my skills at demolishing buildings using nothing but a sledgehammer and a toothpick. The game was an open world one and its only flaw was that once gone, the buildings were gone forever -or at least until you restarted the game. OK, there were other flaws. Side missions were either really awesome or tediously boring, and the open world felt a little too under populated for people used to the vast urban sprawl of Grand Theft Auto or Saint’s Row.

So when Volition announced they were working on a new Red Faction and were in fact taking the action underground I was both optimistic and hesitant all at the same time. Lets see if change is good.

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