Suspected Sony hackers arrested in Turkey

Turkish police have arrested 32 Anonymous hackers after attacks on government websites, the state-run news agency Anadolu reports

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movements2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

And it keeps on coming. Haha. Karma has arrived.

Uncharted3Goty2684d ago

Haha damn these hackers are every where in the world Spain turkey who knows where the other ones are hiding.

32 of them are arrest which is good so 35 of them are gone 3 in spain 32 in turkey.

I_find_it_funny2683d ago

maybe they're not the ones but it's clear some are getting cought, so other will think twice

Heartnet2683d ago

I read on Kotaku that the 3 in spain got released

sikbeta2683d ago

Hey, hackers, what happened with your proxiez, did they failed you? lulz

lil Titan2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Sony - Redman
Sony Fans - Method Man
Hacker - Dean

zeeshan8102683d ago

I am sure some are hiding here in USA and Canada.

MWong2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Funny stuff if it's true. I couldn't agree more with the OP, karma is really a [email protected]#$*!!!!


HappyGaming2683d ago

For all we know the people arrested are people who happened to have unsecured wifi connections which the hackers used...

Lets not say we got them till the court proves it was them.

zag2683d ago

you can't hide on the net.

the packets hold all the data from where it comes from, they have to otherwise the internet doesn't work.

Even people are released it doesn't mean they are free to go, it just means they might have paid some sort of bail money or they are waiting for a court date to roll around.

thorstein2683d ago

This is filled with so much WIN! I wonder if those in Spain rolled on the Turkish group. And in turn, the Turks will roll on others because Turkish Prison isn't a fun time. Lulz.

"We are Anonymous." Not any more. Wherever you go, they will see where these moroons have gone. And now... they are coming for you!

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ravinash2683d ago

I do feel sorry for the ones in Turkey.
Not a good place to end up in prison.

ExitToExisT2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

midnight express was a fiction movie. u dont shit in a bucket like it was showcased in uncharted 2 also:D

Ares842683d ago

Just wondering, how do you know?? Have you been in a Turkish prison or just going by what Hollywood tells you?

ravinash2683d ago

Do I believe everything I see in the movies, no.
Do I watch the news and read the news paper on what happens in the middle east, yes.

Have I traveled into Turkey, no.
Have I traveled in the middle east at all, Yes.

While I can't say for sure that I know what will happen to these people, often the family members of these people can't even say the same thing.
maybe nothing will hadden to them, but then again maybe there will.

ravinash2683d ago

@ ExitToExisT

You've never travelled on a train in Egypt then.
Their toilet was a hole in the floor where you could see the tracks under the train.
Plus the smell was like nothing you've ever experienced.

Hagaf222683d ago

I have been to turkey twice and I can say I would not want to end up in their prison system.

Convas2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

LOL, turkish prison. For some reason, I'm reminded of Drake playing shadow puppets by himself in his cell.


Lykon2683d ago

ooer imagine being stuck in a turkish prison with nothing but a thread bare pair of beach shorts and a smile to trade for tobacco...on reflection it could be ok

ilkercruiser2683d ago

I don't think so.
Abdullah Öcalan who is the PKK terrorist leader, responsible for 30.000 deaths, has been caring like a KING in the prison (on the Island Imrali). He should have been executed already.

cyborg69712683d ago

@exit midnight express was based on a true story. Now I know Oliver stone takes liberties with source material but I've read and seen interviews with Bill and his accounts were something no person should go through.

Granted that was decades ago. But I doubt that their prisons are even close to the resemblance of the America bed and breakfasts that is are prison system.

BeOneWithTheGun2683d ago

@hagaf bubble for your avatar.

KRATOS-PS32683d ago

Turkey Prison is really bad. NOT according to Hollywood. According to some news we get here in Europe.

thorstein2683d ago

"Joey, Have you ever been in a Turkish Prison?"

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Semir2683d ago

The arrested kids have nothing to do with Anonymous. Sadly, someone's gotta pay for these crimes. And now they arrest some kids in Spain and Turkey, because they think it was them. And not to mention that they have no solid proof these kids have been connected to Anonymous in any way.

fr0sty2683d ago

more importantly, where's YOUR proof that they DIDN'T have anything to do with Anonymous?

Semir2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

@ fr0sty

And where is YOUR proof they have anything to do with Anonymous?

ZeroX98762683d ago


Ok. if the guys that was arrested in Spain wasn't with anonymous, why anonymous answered back to the spain police like this:

The way he talk, he's saying that there's no leader among anon, BUT he didn't say that those 3 guys were not involved, just that they are peaceful protesters, since it's only DDOS attack.

I was supporting them for the wikileaks actions they've taken a while ago, that was Epic. But attacking sony on their PSN service, where tons of gamers are enjoying this service every day.... no, that wasn't epic at all.

They want to attack the corporation, yet they've taken a direct hit to the consumers. The majority of consumers didn't protest like they did. They've acted for their own pride and nothing else. I think they should return back to what they were doing first: wikileaks and such.

If anyone from anonymous is reading this, I have a good idea for your next target : The canada's CRTC and their UBB. Canada's big telecom companies (bell, Rogers, etc.) are trying to put a cap of 25Gb on every connection available and charge a lot for every additional Gb used. this is going to destroy all the major service Canadians are receiving right now : Netflix and any other streaming service, online gaming, social network and everything else that canadian citizens are using the internet for. THAT's a valid target.

mcsm2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )


metsgaming2683d ago

ever been in a Turkish prison mate? - Harry Flynn

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RedDragan2684d ago

Does Anonymous not see the irony of it all? Their hacking escapades is a part of the reason for western nations starting to crack down on the internet.

Uncharted3Goty2684d ago

they dont care as long as they can hack they dont care i bet even with 35 of them gone they will continue to do.

still it has been a good week 35 of them are gone.

RedDragan2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Aye, you are right there that they will still carry on. But I wonder if they are still so eager to declare war on NATO lol

Funny how the threaten that organisation and then 3 get arrested in Spain followed by 32 in Turkey. I suspect we may hear about more getting arrested over the next few months. As soon as 50 are arrested in total the rest will start worrying.

ravinash2683d ago

It will be interesting to see if they do keep hacking.
If they know that this is causing their member (and let’s admit that a lot of them will be to young to understand just what their getting into) to not only end up in prison, but a lot worse. If the people who head this group will have enough responsibility to stop this before they ruin more lives.

Ducky2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Well, countries need a scapegoat and Anonymous delivers.

Still, I don't like what Turkey is doing and I don't really see these arrests as a good thing.

... that, and it seems people don't realize that Anonymous isn't any defined group. The people arrested might have had nothing to do with any of Anon's other antics.
These guys were caught for going against Turkey's upcoming internet policies.

jimmywolf2683d ago

regardless if their the same hacker or not they did something too warrant a arrest so don't pity a thief just cause he did not steal from you

joeorc2683d ago

"... that, and it seems people don't realize that Anonymous isn't any defined group. The people arrested might have had nothing to do with any of Anon's other antics.
These guys were caught for going against Turkey's upcoming internet policies. "

It really is moot point, as soon as you DDOS attacks against an online network that does not belong to you, it does not matter How well your intentions are. Its not deemed just an Online protest.No matter What (Anonymous) claims such actions are in their eyes, because by the law's of Govt. they are breaking the law.

At this point it's more about the fact that these Hacker's have very little respect for the ownership of online networks.

freedom of speech works both ways, you cannot expect people or Govt's to sit idle by an let hackers damage the computer networks of corp, an Govt networks. Yes it may seem not fair but it was the fact that laws were made an you have to abide by them or suffer the charges levied against you if you are caught.

than telling more attacks will follow because you do not agree with the response of said Govt. or Corp. response to an attack, is exactly that you can claim you are fighting for freedom, but just remember the people or govt or corp. they attack can also fight for a cause, an that is the right to protect their networks.

Ducky2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

@ jimmywolf

There wasn't exactly much stealing going on. They're trying to protest and as pointed out, it's ironical how they're doing it.

That part of my comment was directed to the comments here that seem to think that these same people were responsible for hacking PSN.

Other then that, while I don't agree with what Turkey is doing, I also don't think this form of protest that Anonymous is trying to carry out is the correct way of doing this. Then again, they tend to follow the 'ends justify means' logic, and they've done some good things through not-so-legal ways... still, this protest isn't that well thought-out.

It's simply a case of two evils fighting, and I can't really see any outcome here as good.
... that, and I find LulzSec to be a bigger pain than Anonymous.

nnotdead2683d ago

FatOLDMAN making a lot of sense. the 3 in Spain seem to have something to do with the PSN outage, and i hope the spend the max amount of time in prison that the law allows.

the ones in Turkey where fighting censorship, and i myself is really against it as well. the only attack that may affect the people negatively was the social security department. outside of that i am on their side on that battle.

know your meme does a good job at breaking down what/who Anon is.

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fossilfern2683d ago

LOL sorry have I missed something ? Whats this about NATO ?

RedDragan2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Oh, funny story. Last week NATO said something about the recent increase in hacking and that it must stop. Anon responded straight away by threatening NATO with hacking attacks.

A couple of days pass by and Anon members start getting arrested.

It doesn't come off immediately as a wise idea to threaten a group made up of the US, EU, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and Japanese governments. XD

SSKILLZ2683d ago

Lmao wonderfull story ...... To be continued XD

Coffin872683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

You have to see it like.. a freedom fighter who risks his life and his family. That's how they see themselves, and I can understand that.
Tell him that his fighting risks the life of his family - will he stop? No, because he sees that his family will be dead either way if he doesn't raise his hand and do something.
So what he does is consciously risk everything while fighting to maintain or to gain freedom.

aGameDeveloper2683d ago

More like, "they are fighters looking for some freedoms to use as an excuse for their pleasures".

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Eidolon2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Death penalty!! We suffered a month of no Playstation network

Blacktric2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

We don't have death penalty in Turkey for God's sake. This isn't 1960's anymore. And for clarification about most of the things said for Turkey above; Turkey is not a Middle Eastern country when it comes to traditions and everything else. It's more of a mixture of east and west. And no, you don't take a sh*t in buckets in prisons but that still doesn't make them better than what people above described. Anyway, I'm happy that these idiots got caught. Anon was "supposedly" protesting the internet filter which will go online at August 22nd. They were claiming that government is going to block access to whatever they don't like and also, will eliminate the usage of DNS servers to access previously blocked websites. What they don't seem to get is that this "filter" is just a service that'll be completely optional and won't be activated for anyone unless they apply to do so. It's just a small feature that'll prevent kids from visiting porn, terorism, etc. related sites. That's all.

hesido2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

-comment deleted-

Too much misinformation on the internet. Can you find us a formal webpage on this filter?

Count2683d ago

Justice for all!

Well.. most..