PSU Explores the World of Folklore (PS3 Review)

Folklore delves players into a world where the living meet the dead. Through its fantastic art direction and amazing storyline, Folklore entices the player to journey through the Netherworld in search of the answers to their mystery and leads them on an unforgettable ride into something truly reminiscent of a Hiyao Miyazaki film.

* + Amazing art direction
* + Brilliant, poetic style
* + Undeniably tasty execution

* - Limited dungeon editor

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Master of Menace4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

It's so refreshing to play a game so original. A monster catching game were you use the monsters as weapons. And there are more than 100 of them! Every monster can be utilised on the fly and the Sixaxis controls feel fluid and responsive. Also, the graphics are truly inspiring in HD. Please Wii, move the hell over!