GamerNode: Metro Last Light Preview

Metro-2 is the Russian equivalent to America's Area 51. Rumors about the construction of an armed military base well below the streets of Moscow began during Stalin's reign, popping back into the public eye every so often for quizzical, fleeting attention. The station purportedly parallels the lines of the Moscow Metro Line and houses the remnants of a secret Soviet missile project.

The second installment in the Metro series by 4A games and author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Last Light, remains as foggy a mystery as its predecessor. THQ, the game's publisher, has been forthcoming as usual with details on the sequel -- reprising Artyom's role, returning to the tunnels, continuing civil war. It's not a matter of definability; it's a question, like the infamous Metro-2, of firepower.

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Semir2682d ago

I have a bad feeling about this game. Dunno why...

Agent_S2682d ago

Idk either. The first game was good but some issues held it back from being great. Lets hope they take what they've learned and make an excellent game.