TheSixthAxis Hands On: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

TSA writes: "There’s something deeply warming about Skyrim. It’s familiar, not just because it’s set in the Elder Scrolls world and canon we’re used to, but because it doesn’t look or play a million miles away from Oblivion – sure, it’s prettier, and sports some lovely new gameplay mechanics (which we’ll come to) but it’s clear that although the engine has been revamped and the art refreshed for Skyrim’s more glacial locale, it’s hardly going to surprise anyone.

That warming feeling, of course, is based on a prior engagement with earlier titles in the series – coming into Skyrim as a freshman, unaware of the epic scale of the overarching plot or the inter-connectivity of the various races, places and faces isn’t a problem per se, but it was obvious that as creative director Todd Howard showed us the game behind closed doors at E3 last week, Bethesda are pitching this at the hardcore. If not in terms of difficulty, then in scope: Skyrim is massive."

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