id Software: Wii U Tech On Level With PS3/360

id tech head John Carmack has confirmed that Wii U technology brings the latest console from Nintendo to the same level as PS3 and Xbox 360, machines released five and six years ago.

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MinusTheBear4258d ago

Nintendo seems to like this trend of releasing last-gen hardware.

EYEamNUMBER14258d ago

what trend is that? the only other time they did it was the wii itself and your all to blame for that since you ignored them when they didn't do that

Muletroid4258d ago

is john carmack still saying the 360 is the most powerful system around?
after just 1 comment i was never able to take him seriously again

Ducky4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

^ You got a link to that statement?
I recall him saying that that PS3 is marginally more powerful.

Taking things out of context is easy to do.

RedDead4258d ago

He said it's his favorite to develop for, because it's easy to develop for. nothing more nothing less

meetajhu4258d ago


Do you assume every day u know more than John Carmack it will make u feel stupid when think about it.

Muletroid4258d ago

you were right it was about the 360's rage over the ps3s not the consoles themselves
that was my bad on my part (N4G tittles)

there is irony in what you just said whether you can see it or not depends on you

scofios4258d ago

Well said.

nveenio4258d ago

When Carmack adds physics to Rage, I'll start listening to what he says.

theonlylolking4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Itagaki said the 360 is the most powerful hardware

Carmack said"The PS3 is still far and away better than anything else that’s ever been made... except maybe the 360"

Intel said"Powerful GPUs Are Useless, You'd Better Upgrade Your CPU"

Carmack is just an old legend that cannot work on more sophisticated(big word) hardware such as the PS3. That is why he prefers the 360.

jetlian4258d ago

about ds,3ds NUMBER1. since gamecube nintendo has been this way.

nveenio4258d ago

I don't give Carmack any credit for being a pioneer. The industry is completely different than it was back in the day. But I bet a monkey's uncle that Rage won't score higher than an 85 on Metacritic.

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movements4258d ago

Although it's now on the level with PS3 and Xbox 360. I am still disappointed because that's oudated tech. Why not make something more powerful? Come on...

LordStig4258d ago

it's not outdated tech it's current tech.

Kee4258d ago

I'm sure they could, it's just it'd be a lot of money spent in R&D when they know all the casual gamers won't care about the specs and that's typically who they target with their games consoles nowadays.

RedDragan4258d ago

Nintendo have shown with the Wii that you don't need new, expensive tech to rule the market.

However, I will no doubt lose another bubble for speaking the truth which is quantifiable through official sales figures. I think N4G is getting more and more filled with fanboys, perhaps it is time for N4G to introduce proper age screening so 12 year olds cannot contribute anything to site... or take away from it as is becoming the case lately.

Lots of honest, geniune people seem to be losing their right to speak sense while idiots get to spout their crap all over the place.

CrazyForGames4258d ago

talking about others being fanboys? LOL

your quick to take up your sword and shield just like everyone else on here its the way of N4G

RedDragan4258d ago

Really? How so? I have PS3, Wii, PC and 360.

There are things that each excel at, other things each do not do so good. The difference between me and fanboys is that I do not hold back my punches when criticising what needs criticising, and others simply do not like that. Well screw them, I will carry on being harsh if needed.

ProjectVulcan4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

It is outdated if you happen to have played on anything resembling a Gaming PC since 2007.

Saying that, if it can do native 1080p, with good filtering and proper AA then i would be fairly happy. Even with identical assets it would look far smoother and better than most of the games PS3 and 360 output.

Just a quick glance of what the difference it makes to how Duke nukem looks on console v PC should be enough to show how much more eye pleasing good filtering and higher res is.

DeadlyFire4258d ago

Its at least 2-4 times as powerful graphically as X360/PS3 even if running on same CPU level.

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StanSmith4258d ago

Reading fail on this site's part!

"He also made clear that while it was not possible to bring id Tech 5 on the Wii platform, it would be possible to bring RAGE on Wii U using the iOS tech used in RAGE: Mutant Bash TV.
“Previously, the Wii was not a target. Id Tech 5 was just not suitable for the Wii at all. We seriously talked about possibly using the iOS Rage technology that I built for that for a Wii game. It would fit perfectly from a technology standpoint, and I think would have been really pretty cool as a Wii game, but we decided that it wasn’t the right time to jump into the Wii market."

He's not saying he has to use the iOS tech on WiiU. He's saying the WiiU can handle the same tech that 360 & PS3 use. The iOS tech would have been used on the Wii.

Just another site wanting to have a pop at Nintendo. Seriously, since E3, it's been like 2006 with the PS3 again. Look how that turned out!

iforgotmylogin4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

bleah i dont care what no one says, there is no way a new ibm cpu and current graphics card is on par with current gen.

thats like saying a 9800gtx and a quadcore cpu at 3.0 > a gtx 450 and a i5 running at 3.2

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BeastlyRig4258d ago

Late to the party..

I guess they do it to sell cheaper at launch.

VampiricDragon4258d ago

Its on the same level. But the wii u is more powerful as developers have said over and over

thoract4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

The WiiU is slightly more powerful but there will be no games to take advantage of the power. Third party developers will not develop games that will take advantage of the WiiU's power because it is a new platform with no install base. The only third party games that are showing up on the WiiU are shovelware. All the games they showed will have already been released on the other platforms before the release of the WiiU. The only way for games to use the full power of the WiiU will be Nintendo exclusives.

VampiricDragon4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )



When you are running a game company I will be worried for innovation

You Noob4258d ago

welcome to 2006!!! oh...

Cyb3r4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Whats the point in spending a lot more money on the Wii U if it is just as powerful as current gen systems. I think I will just wait for the nextgen PS3 or 360

edhe4258d ago


Honestly. If you have a family and you've got two kids and a wiiU with two controllers then you can tell 'em to shove oaf and they can sling their games to the controller and play there instead.

In a world of omnipresent screens & cloud hosting though I doubt it'll market well.

Also it's not going to be that expensive - the tech is OLD inside, the devices will play off their massive production lines for the DS and the form factor may as well be the wii.

These things will probably enter at the £200 level, bundled.

Oh yeah also if they don't upscale Wii games they can fuck. right. off.

chrisgay4258d ago

Nintendo are being very lazy with backward compatibility- there would be a huge market for upascaled Wii and Gamecube games as a lot of HD gamers avoided the Wii this generation. Unless they have a PS3 style strategy in mind of just re releasing Wii games remastered in HD.

chrisgay4258d ago

Because current generation systems aren't made by Nintendo and don't have the incredible games exclusive to Nintendo consoles. If all you care about is graphics, stick to what you know- for you, there is no point in purchasing the Wii U. I on the other hand love the gameplay Nintendo offers- straight up, no nonsense fun.

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