Doom 4 multiplayer to get "quality feel that Rage has" at 60 FPS

John Carmack of id Software reveals that as soon as Rage is completed, he and the other "core tech team" members will be focusing everything on Doom 4.

While singleplayer on consoles is 30 frames per second so they can have "30 demons crawling all over," multiplayer will kick it back up to Rage's 60 FPS.

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RedDragan3311d ago

Got some good memories of Doom 3, would be nice to see it dressed up in Rage clothes (engine - if that is what they mean).

But has anyone seen Doom 3 lately, it still looks pretty good considering it came out years ago. They did an impressive job graphically speaking.

jaosobno3311d ago

So I guess we can expect standard 4 player multiplayer then?

a08andan3311d ago

It is DOOOOOOOMED. Sorry, I had to :P

theonlylolking3311d ago

It is dooomed graphically like RAGE(on consoles) but the gameplay might not be doooomed

a08andan3311d ago

The name of the game is Doom. No one saw what I did :P?

zero_cool3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

You got valid proof that graphically rage & doom 4 will suffer on consoles because if not quit well your head before you look like even more of a incompetent fool on here!

Fishy Fingers3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

id are really pushing the point of 60FPS gameplay and rightly so, I find it makes the experience much more enjoyable. Plus when your engine is kicking out visuals at 60 that few can match at 30 it's win win.

zero_cool3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Well i wouldn't go as far as to say very few other in game engines can match the tech 5 engine at a consistently stable frame rate in game with excellent looking visuals to match because there are a healthy amount of internal & external studios that can match & even surpass id software's tech 5 engine visuals with a consistently lower stable frame rate

Fishy Fingers3311d ago

They're giving out mod tools from day 1, so you'll probably have some Rage/Quake mod out eventually :)

NarooN3311d ago

You and me both. I love some good ol' id multiplayer.

KingPin3311d ago

i always thought quake was like the test child for DOOM. until DOOM3s tech was used in Quake 4. i always liked the thought of DOOM being a premium series where the other franchises were just test tech. but il never doubt the genius that is john carmack. any man that does rocket science for a hobby is good in my books! Much respect.

Baka-akaB3311d ago

uh ? Quake was actually the premium experience , at least multiplayer wise .

KingPin3311d ago

i meant tech wise. not gameplay wise.

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