Conviction still grants access to Ghost Recon Beta says Ubisoft

Speaking to Msxbox-world, Ubisoft has confirmed that Splinter Cell Conviction still grants access to the Ghost Recon Beta despite it being over a year later than planned.

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Nate-Dog2686d ago

Early 2012? Man and I was thinking sometime in the next 6 months wouldn't be too much to ask considering it's already a year late. How late is GRFS itself going to release?

shades722686d ago

It will be just before the game gets released so they can tweak the net code and make sure any exploits are addressed.

Inside_out2686d ago

What a bunch of baloney!!! These guys are losing millions every surprise with dumb moves like this. Why is it taking so long to release a game like this but they can release that rip off of Prince Of Persia every year. Then they blatantly lie telling everyone that buying Splinter Cell Conviction ( a great game that now cost $9.99 ) will have a beta key for Ghost recon but forget to mention the beta is not for 2 losing millions, you deserve it.

You have fantastic franchises like Ghost Recon and Rainbow six and you let those communities die, lay off personal from Red Storm, and force the fanbase to move onto COD or something else and then complain your losing money...o_O.

I'm a big fan of Ghost Recon multi-player and just crazy what these fools have done. That fanbase has been decimated by this. Very few people play anymore because the games and it's fans have been deserted and now it looks like they are going after the pie in the sky COD dream of big sales and will try and copy that game. Graw was one of the breakout hits this gen selling great and giving TPS fans a great alternative to FPS's. I was on there the other day and while there are some players still, they are a dishearten bunch. You have to be there every 2 years at the least or why even bother.

jetlian2686d ago

and friends played rsv2 last week. its still a great game! hell wheres the next splinter cell. UBisoft is slowing down

shades722686d ago

We need a new Rainbow Six game.

But... Wasn't the sticker on Conviction false advertising? I know most would not buy the game for the Beta alone, but, it seems odd they included it with that game considering the time it has taken to materialize.

Legion2686d ago

I was not even aware that it was available on copy of Conviction? I guess after L.A. Noire I will have to throw it in my Xbox 360 and check it out.

I purchased Conviction on it's own merits.

Lylat_642686d ago

Yup on my box it says for the beta 'Coming Summer 2010'.

guigsy2686d ago

I still have my copy of Conviction. I guess I can play the beta and then just trade Conviction in for Future Soldier.