MEGamers’ The Ultimate Gaming PC

MEGamers builds a PC made from the finest, strongest and the most fiercest hardware gear available.

Total worth: $4000.

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Substance1013313d ago

Lol this is among the most retarded combination i have ever seen. Who builds a PC with a 990x cpu for gaming when Sandybridge is so good.

I could build a PC for half the cost which would out perform this trash.

Geralt3313d ago

Sandybridge isn't as good as the 990X in terms of raw performance. But value it is. If you have money to just throw away then the 990X is the better choice, which is kind of the point of this article.

Huge waste of money for this system when (as you said) you could build a PC for half the cost (far less then half, really) with great performance.

Substance1013313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Well 990x is only good if you are doing professional stuff like video editing, games dont really use more then 2 cores, 4 cores at max. Sandybridge will outperform 990x in games, and when it comes to professional stuff its only in applications that are highly multithreaded will the 990x win.

Right now the best bang for the buck is to go for a 2500k or 2600k overclock it to 4.5ghz. equip it with 2x 6950 (biosed to 6970 speeds). that would be an insane setup and would beat this setup in games easily.

Only reason where i would really recommend a 990x over sandybridge is when the person already owns a X58 motherboard. In which case upgrading to 990x probably seems like a smarter decision since getting a 2600k would also mean getting a motherboard.

RedDragan3313d ago offers a far better PC, it doesn't bother with i7 class CPU's. It just chucks in the rediculously fast Xeon X5650, overclocked to 4GHz with 12 Cores and 24 Threads.

Compared to the 990x that Xeon processor is a Veyron Super Sport.

Unfortunately that PC also comes with a considerable price hike over the PC in this article.

The Overclockers PC is called the "Ultima Demolisher" if anyone is interested in looking up the specs.

Substance1013313d ago

Dam thats an insane setup, though only good for people who can use those cores. For most users 4 cores are already enough, most games only use 2 cores. In which case a Sandybridge @ 4.5ghz would still be faster.

RedDragan3313d ago

lol yeah, the only way to get maximum use out of the PC is through Distributed Computing and even then there are only a few projects that support multicore.

I think I will wait 10 years before getting one like that XD

phoenixdown3312d ago

if only i had a job to even afford one lol. i'll just use my ps3 until then because once i do get a gaming pc, it will go so well with the ps3's features and game library.

bumnut3312d ago

If I was going to spend that much, I would have gone the extra mile and got 2 590's and a bigger 3d monitor.

TheBreezyBB3312d ago

This is not the ultimate gaming PC.

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