Splitkick - Dirt 3 Review

Within minutes of firing up DiRT 3 I’m met with chirpy cool kids spouting awesomes and dudes at me. The Colin McRae name abandoned long ago in favour of Monster energy drinks and skate shoe sponsorship. You could have considered me surprised when I quickly discovered that this is the most heavily rally orientated release that this well-reviewed series has ever produced.

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earbus3320d ago

Great game gymkahana sux -1 Ken block is a tool -3 love everything else so i kind of agree with the review,too much extreme sponsership let the gen y X games style die.

JellyJelly3320d ago

Imo, Gymkhana is one of the most fun parts of the game once you get the hang of it.

What I also love is how this game encapsulates everything that is good about offroad racing. From rallycross to racing trophy trucks. And it doesn't get more rally than driving a group B Audi Quattro through the woods of Finland.

SCW19823320d ago

There isn't nearly as much dude attitude as in the second one. This review is a joke.