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Clive Barker's Jericho is an inconsistent first-person shooter, alternating between moments of pure, atmospheric greatness and irritating design paradoxes that suck the fun out of the gameplay. For every incredible set piece--a battle in a Roman gladiator arena, fearful attacks by ghostly children--there is a frustrating sequence that puts every shortcoming in the game proudly on display. There's a lot going on, and sometimes it comes together exquisitely. More often, Jericho's various elements get in the way of one another, creating a game you'll love one moment and hate the next.

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Charlie26884877d ago

Its pretty much confirmed that this game is not for everybody as its pretty evident on how each reviewer seem to complain about VERY different things that the previous and each one seem to praise what the previous one complained about

still even with its issues its a pretty good deal on the PC for only 40 bucks

Omegasyde4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

I agree this reviewer whines about certain parts but in reality he sucks at playing the game and its evident that this game was too hard for him to play. Perhaps it was too scary for him? Lets look at some of Kevin-V background blogs....

""I remember National Coming Out day of 1991. I had been struggling with the issue for a while, so I decided to take the plunge and talk to my mother. I was petrified of what she would say, but it was actually a funny conversation. I picked up the phone, trembling, and she answered. I was standing in my dorm room at Oberlin; she was at home, in my small Pennsylvania hometown. I said to her, "Mom, there is something important I need to tell you." And she replied, "You're gay."" (ok...)

"....My sticky Y button. I don't know what's up, but seriously, the Y button on my 360 controller is sticky. I wonder if I was drinking root beer and spilled it?" (wtf?)

".. But those exploding demons with the yellow pustules? Not smart. I know you are trying to make your game challenging. But in God's name, there are times where you forgot to make fun come first." (Jericho)

---Kevin-V, Gamespot Reviewer

Interesting. Where does Gamespot hire these guys?

SofaKingReetodded4877d ago

and it's a must NOT buy for me, game is crap.

Lionsguard4877d ago

I had such high hopes for it to be my filler until COD4, AC, Uncharted but it was just so bad..Oblivion ended up as my filler a bit late yes..very fun though.

kittoo4877d ago

Agree that there are some inconsistency but this game isnt bad at all. It is worth it. The atmosphere and story are awesome. Only the execution is bad sometimes. but its really enjoyable.

KidMakeshift4877d ago

October and november are way too crowded with big name games (especially FPS) for a game like this to actually compete and make sales. This is probably a back burner title (at best) on everyones list of games to play right now.

Also, Clive Barker is the last person we need as a spokesperson for the "games are art" movement. Everything is art to a certain degree, but Jericho is not commendable art and that's what the game industry really needs to juxtapose video games with movies.

AllroundGamer4877d ago

finished it yesterday on xbox360 on hard difficulty (which was rather easy...) and now i'm playing history missions because of the achievments. I liked the game, it had its flaws, but overall it was good. 8/10 from me.