17 reasons Skyrim is the game of E3 2011

OXM UK: "How the new Elder Scrolls game stole the show at Los Angeles".

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GusBricker2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Look at it and take in the awesomeness.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2683d ago

Skyrim looked cool but for some reason I was most taken with Gravity. Yes I know it's a handheld game.

AJKanismajoris2683d ago

This is definately GOTY for me, the only game i can think of to come close will be Uncharted 3, lucky for me i can get them both!

Merivigian2683d ago

I personally don't think Uncharted can touch it, but that's my opinion.

AJKanismajoris2682d ago

To each his own i suppose, either way they're both gonna be awesome,


Hozi892683d ago

GOTY!!! The best game and I can't wait for 11.11.11!

kza2683d ago

This is the only game i need along with Dark Souls!

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