Wii U will be affordable - Reggie

Wii U will be affordable. That's the message from Nintendo's US boss Reggie Fils-Aime.

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ATiElite2689d ago

I can tell you right now it's gonna be $399 and Nintendo will be taking a loss at that price.

That price is not sexy too consumers which is why it wasn't announced at E3. Nintendo may be trying to remove something from tghe final specs to lower the price Ala Microsoft and Kinect but they already know they are above $250 price point that everyone loves.

CrazyForGames2689d ago

i don't think they have ever willingly sold something at a loss so i doubt even if it was 400 they would take a loss from that

i still say 299-349 seems like the most realistic price
they did say they will price it competitively so ill give them the benefit of the doubt

user8586212688d ago

Nintendo is not a large company like sony and microsoft thats prepared to take losses, their history shows they make hardware at a low price and sell it at premium

Otheros002688d ago

They don't sell at a loss. Didn't the 3ds and wii launch price tell you anything?

sikbeta2688d ago


N never sell at lost, with this console it's not going to be different, the controller looks expensive, maybe that's why N will not selling them separately...

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catguykyou2688d ago

I would have my jaw drop if it was 299 (same as it did when Vita was announced at 249) but I would be happy if it was released at 349.

ATiElite2688d ago

Never doubt me cause i know what i talking about!

Please by all means Google the amount of cash it cost Nintendo to make the Wii Year 1. here i'll help you, it was between $180 and $220. The Wii sold in stores for $249.

BUT.....if you knew anything about Business which telling by your comments MOST of you Do Not! you would realize that $249 is what you and me pay for it but NOT what the stores pay for it cause they have to make a PROFIT from every Wii they sale. I'm sure the stores bought it at a lost to Nintendo to make a profit per sale year 1.

So now go look up the definition of Wholesale versus Retail to understand all this. Today the Wii is a profit as it now only cost $60-$70 to make with a large inventory of surplus parts while the retail price is $149 and higher.

Besides in the Video Game business you make the bulk of your cash from the software.

TheMART2689d ago

Affordable has a different meaning for everyone. Some even found a 599 PS3 affordable, others had to take a 2nd job for it.

I would have even bought a NGP for up to 399 Euro, I want it that much. Pretty much everyone finds it affordable @ 249 USD/Euro now. Then again I find a 3DS for 249 too much, it should be 179 max in my eyes, as its more like how the Wii upgraded from Gamecube (supercharged Gamecube hardware) and a gimmick Wiimote, the 3DS is nothing but a DS with the 3D gimmick added to me.

Then again Reggie maybe finds a 399 Wii U affordable, as it has a WiiPad controller with an expensive colortouchscreen.

But if the competition is @ a more affordable 250 to 300 (PS3/360 now, next year it might even have dropped to a 200 to 250 pricerange for them), the Wii U isn't that affordable in possible buyers eyes if they see the direct competition that has a larger library of games and for sure better rated ones besides the 360 ports the Wii U will get the first 2 years in its life cycle (low installed base means many ports, look how the PS3 got treated the first couple of years).

And just when they have a reasonable installed base, around 2014, 2015, the real next gen starts with PS4 and 720, bringing true 1080p for every single game, and the Wii U will get ports from them as devs will start to produce their games on the most powerful system first and then degrade it down.

So seen in affordability and market comparison your system should be @ 250 max Reggie, to sell as many as possible before real next gen starts.

EYEamNUMBER12689d ago

they said it will most likely not be 250 like the wii but they also said it will be competitively priced with the ps3/360

so 299-349 does seem like a realistic price

CDbiggen2689d ago

I'm confused. Didn't Iwata say just the other day that this isn't going to be cheap?

news4geeks2688d ago

you're right. Therefore I agree with others in saying it will be 349/399. That's affordable but not cheap.

pcz2689d ago

''wiiu is going to be unaffordable, we are aiming for the billionaire market, people with their own private jets, helicopters, boats and islands. we dont want peasants owning our consoles.''


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