VGCHARTS' EU hardware sales for the week ending 28th October, PS3 outsells x360 2:1

Console Weekly Total
DS 177,772 17,540,509
Wii 111,300 3,866,326
PS3 73,614 1,953,642
PS2 70,057 44,272,772
PSP 51,757 8,641,209
x360 38,212 3,860,039
GBA 5,634 21,296,451
Total 528,346

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Bigmac5734871d ago

I guess thats good considering USA might be all but lost. We shall see how the public responds in 2008.

shmee4871d ago

with Ratchet and Uncharted i would be surprised if the ps3 doesnt sell 1.5m --2m consoles in NA this XMAS.

2008 i am sure will see total ps3 domination all over.

The price of ps3 would also come down to 300/400 + LBP,MGS4,FF13 and WKS will improve sales all over the world.

NA is also very much ps3 territory. people are just waiting for the right moment.

2007 XMAS will also see good ps3 sales in NA . mark my words

Filanime034871d ago

Ah Ps3 isn't dominating japan it's just selling better in comparison of xbox 360. Ds is the one whose dominating japan. But ps3 sales are improving week by week we will see in november on how much the 40gb model can sell.

drtysouf214871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

$399 40GB comes out this Friday so we'll have to see the effects of that.
I think that sku will provide a good enough boost that lasts till the big releases in 2008.

You also have to factor in the Blu-ray effect. They just started their new marketing push.

Also Sony starts their new marketing push this week.

And Disney is promoting the PS3 also

Evil0Angel4871d ago

when the numbers from vchart is negative news for PS3 you see nasim crying"..vghart is rubish blah blah blah..

now when vghart shows postive news for PS3 , he fall in love with it again with the rest of his gangs.

you know what you should do ...

<<<<<<<& quot;....kcid.... nwo... ruoy... kcus..."<<<<& lt;<0,1,2,3

Omegasyde4871d ago

They are lame. Post the news when NPD Charts come, since they include more retailers. VGchartz has been known to "inflate" numbers for hits to their sites with stupid headlines:

Watch next week's headline, PS3 Rise, 360 fall, DS owns ALL.

November: PS3 Falls, 360 rises from the grave, DS Is slayed by PSP titles.

VGCHarts inflates actually numbers and no fanboys from Wii/360/ps3 should take them seriously. Then again fanboys fight over the stupidiest sh** like comparing graphics to from a Demo vs. a actual game.

resistance1004871d ago

@ Omegasyde

You don't get NPD data for europe. Charttrack do the UK however theres not one for europe

lawman11084871d ago

There is nothing neg to say about the site but when the 360 has positive numbers then VGC is a heck site. Also to Sheme...if you think the PS3 is going to sell TWICE what it has sold over the past year you are a dreamer or a crack head.

ruibing4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I want to see what happens by the end of November...

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Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

Looks like the 40gb is doing very good. THe ps3 is picking up steam. But wowo look at how the wii is dominating its amazing! Nintendo will probably go strong until next year. Ps3 has to much heavy hitters coming out next year so i dont see the wii dominating for a long time.

ruibing4871d ago

November will be the most interesting month for hardware sales.

PS3 has the price drop, 40GB version, ceramic white, and a bunch of games out or coming out that month.
Wii has Mario Galaxy coming out.
360 has its own price drop, arcade, and mass effect.

I think in Japan PS3 is going to tie with Wii for November, since everyone who wants Mario Galaxy probably got a Wii already, with the 360 following behind by a tenth.
In the states, 360 and Wii are going to tie out, with the PS3 being a third of their sales
In Europe, PS3 and Wii are also going to tie, with the 360 following behind by a third.

DethWish4871d ago

I don't think most of the people who buy a Wii bothers with "heavy hitters" they are casual gamers as you might know.

SomeAnalyst4871d ago

Super Paper Mario and Strikers take Europe!

IdontTakeSides4871d ago

The PS3 has been dominating EU since it launched back in March...

The USA might all but be lost.??..and as far as I can tell when it's all said and done the 360 shall be last in the USA and just about everywhere else around the world...

so what happened to the HALO effect..?..OHH YEAH IT WAS JUST AN ILLUSION..!!

Fanboys Beware4871d ago

1.) Its obvious from your posts that you side with the PS3.
2.) What exactly has the PS3 dominated since March In EU besides last place??? Before you answer that remember anybody can go to the sales charts for EU and look on a weekly basis. Know your facts before you spread FUD.
3.) Last time I checked 360 was first in the US with an almost 6 million lead on the PS3, and was still in front of the Wii. How do you suppose this will change? Let me guess the PS3 will magically sell out anf the 360 wont sell anymore. You fail.
4.) Crap on Halo 3 all you want but it has single handedly outsold every single one of Sony's first party games combined. Not bad for supposed 640P, last gen, cartoon graphics, with only 16 players online. You fail again.

lonestarmt4871d ago

well sorry I"m going to have to correct you on one thing, your wrong halo 3 hasn't out sold everything "combined". Fall of man is close to 3 million, motorstorm is around 2 mil, so with those two alone, it doesn't beat it. Not saying that halo 3 didn't sell like crazy, just no, thats not a true

jjfunaz4871d ago

How can you dissagree with his statement. Its not opinion its fact. All of his points were true, if not a little rambunxious but still true.

VGChartz is usually pretty accurate within 5% of the NPD data and we get a basic idea of whats happening every week. The console wars aren't won with a single big weak but good sustained sales.

Real gamer 4 life4871d ago

The psp the ps2 and the ps3 sold more then the 360. Looks like microsoft Halo effect is wearing off fast. And Sony hasnt yet release the 40gb in japan. once sony release the 40gb in japan, the 360 is dead there. its also amazing how well sony is selling without it releasing its heavy hitters yet. imagine how sell will pick up when mgs4 release.

shmee4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

RESULT :- PS3 outsold even the wii that week.

with the 40gig ps3 i expect same thing in NA as well

@person below

I am not nasim but Resistance did sell 2m ages ago.

here is the proof:-


“Resistance: Fall of Man has sold more than 2 million units around the world.”

Snukadaman4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

In one post i see you disagree with vgchartz when it shows something negative for ps3 news...and i quote

16.1 - You are bringing up Vgcharts
their numbers are just as bad as their weird name

Resistance sold more than 2 million months ago

Now all or a sudden some good news for ps3 in europe and your all over it like its gospel...what im trying too point out is if theres anyone on these boards that needs too shut the hell up is you.. and quit being a hypocrite. Saying something is irrelevant one day yet the next use it for your propaganda campaign really bugs me. ohh and trying to act like your not nasim proves your really a sick kid man...everyone with a brain can see the same type of writing style.

Fanboys Beware4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

1.) Stop spreading FUD. According to this same website you used in news reporting RFOM is at 1.74 million worldwide. Keep in mind that figure would be alot lower if Sony wasnt bundling RFOM in EU. Below is an exact link. No PS3 game has reached 2 million is worldwide sales on bundled or on its own legs. Only 2 million PS3 games have gone over the 1 million mark. Motorstorm has been bundled in EU and the USA. Games shipped do not count as game sold.

2.) Show me proof of a Halo 3 bundle in any territory where Microsoft wasnt charging extra for the game and I will shut up. Otherwise just more FUD. Remember bundling means that you dont pay anything over MSRP of the the consoles price.

jackfatal4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

so u r saying any sony fan boy is nasim? or lets put it this way, any one who is supporting a ps3 or dont like the fatly x360 then he is nasim?

x360 is good only in NA thats all!! but yet ps3 will take over in NA slowly!

@guy above me!
resistance sold more than 2 millions long time ago!! i saw it in the news every where! whether its bundled or not is not a question! and it is still selling a lot even better then halo 3 in Irland!!

@ guy below me!
i never saw any post like nasim one's!! and shmee post this time is not so much crazy like others (TheMART)!
its good for competition to be a war between consoles because in the end we win!! but someone please tell me why should i buy the x360 if shooting games is not my piority? i mean really xbox is trying to get wat the playstation brand got but with shooting games!! they didnt bring any thing new to gaming except for the online i give them credit for that!!but the rest they are just trying to copy the others!! name me one game on x360 that is an AAA but not shooting?? even their racing games is copying grand terismo!people loves final fantasy and they try to copy it and brought blue dragon!! they r not so much creatine except in shooting! they didnt make a huge impact in the gaming industry!

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Sangheili854871d ago

No every fanboy is not Nasim. However Nasim is no where to be found. This Shmee post the same crap in the same style trying to prove how godly PS3 is. A simple "ps3 is doing good" will not have everyone saying your Nasim. Nasim and Shmee's posts are almost the same.

Oh and Resistance beating halo3 in ireland? OMG ALL IS LOST!! stop selling halo3 and quit MS you got beat. Come on ireland? really? I know it is because of the bundle but it's ireland. Not that there is nothing wrong its just i don't see that being a huge territory for game sales.

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gtgcoolkid4871d ago

Like last time the sales picked up but fell again. I like it how the sales are actually holding. I think at this rate, 360 won't pass PS3 again in EU.

Plus people, PES bundle in early november. Don't forget that.