No PS3 Gears Of War 'for the foreseeable future'

Epic Games has stated that it cannot see a time that Gears Of War will be playable on PlayStation 3 "for the foreseeable future".

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stonecold32736d ago

ps3 should get all gears trilogy since 360 has got most of ps3 exclusive already

Zir02736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

That won't happen, unlike Sony MS funds Gears (with advertising etc) and can afford to keep it exclusive.

Sony can't afford to keep 3rd party exclusive titles since they have too many first party studios to fund and just don't make as much profit as MS. Thats why they lost every major franchise from the PS2 era and are even losing some in this gen too (like Demon Souls and the all but confirmed Agent and FFvsXIII)

Jack Tretton himself stated that Agent likely won't be exclusive anymore in an interview on gametrailers. If its coming from him I would say its 99% likely that it WILL be coming to other platforms.

Plus I never said confirmed I said "all but confirmed"

-Mezzo-2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Your ignorance is amazing, Agent is still exclusive (Until Confirmed Otherwise), Demon Souls is still exclusive, FFvs13 is still Exclusive (Until Confirmed Otherwise).

Even after losing a few Exclusive Sony still pack an Exclusive Punch like non other, The competition is miles behind Sony.

On Topic, i would love to see all the games to come on PS3, i have played and beaten Gears 2 & found it to be quite enjoyable (Sure Was A Little Boring At Times), but then which game isn't. =]

lovesony2736d ago

Gears 3 is the most exiting GFX i've seen on consoles this year and it is allways a blast to play.

Seems like PS3 is maxad out. Uncharted 3 seems like Uncharted 2.5

Forza 4 is better than GT5...what a shame for Sony. They are no leaders anymore.

Fox012736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Agent probably isn't a PS3 exclusive anymore.

And unless Sony is directly funding Versus XIII, that game is going to be released on the X360 as well. So better prepare yourself.

mll092736d ago

I always thought Versus XIII would stay exclusive cos of Tetsuya Nomura? I think I read somewhere that he was a PS3 fanboy himself? Eh, hope it stays exclusive.

Inside_out2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

As long as M$ is publishing the games, they will NEVER be a part of any other platform BUT this is where things get interesting. Epic had said that Gears 2 would be the last Gears game until the " new " consoles launch and then M$ decided to extend this gen with the 360 S and Kinect and backing up the Redmond Brinks truck to Epic to make the Gears 3 game. Now Epic has said that this is definitely the last Gears game this gen...SOooooo...

There is every chance to believe that whatever game Gears or new IP that Epic comes up with will be multi-platform like Bulletstorm. Epic owns the Gears franchise, not M$. Recently ( last GDC ) Epic showed the Samaritan tech demo running on Nvidia silicon. It has been widely reported the next Xbox will be using AMD and ATI so it will be as profitable as 360 and no issues with backwards compatibility....stick with me here...

With Epic making Bulletstorm a multi-plat and Epic using a different chip manufacture to show off new technology, I think there is every reason to believe that Gears 3 will be the last " exclusive " game that Epic will make on 360. It's crazy to think how much money they are losing when Gears could potentially be the biggest franchise across all 4 platforms like PS3, 360, Wii and PC. Actually, you could add all the various tablets that are starting to pop up as well as handhelds.

@Gus...Naughty Dog is a Sony R&D company and it is OWNED by Sony...apples and oranges. Epic is third party so other than a signed exclusive contract, their IP's could go anywhere and like Insomniac and Bungie...they will. Exclusives are a thing of the past and that is why M$ made a big mistake not announcing a new console but my tin foil hat has something to say about that...but that's another story for another time.

Btw...Ziro is right, unless Sony drops major money, Agent, like L.A Noire is now a multi-plat. Jack said " he doesn't think it's exclusive anymore "...coming from Jack Tretton himself says it all.

Kungfue2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )


Ohh yeah where's your proof that AGENT and VERSUS is multiplatform? NONE you just pulled that out of your wet dreams.

Demon souls multiplat? where? show me the 360 version of demon souls. again pulled out of your wet dream....

You say sony cant afford to keep 3rd party exclusive? lets count how many 3rd part exclusive MS LOST shall we?

*Mass effect 2
*star ocean 4
*Ninja gaiden
*GTA episodes

shall I keep on going? or you finally got how ignorant and clueless you are?

FINALLY I just dont understand you sheeps if you really wanted to play these exclusives why don't you just fucking buy a ps3 instead of crying every E3,TGS,GC or every chance you get how "OHHH (insert ps3 exclusive) is going to xbawx just wait" for god sakes how long have you been claiming that to happen specially in MGS4 and versus case? 6 years and counting?


LOL @ the disagrees can't take facts I see....

WhiteLightning2736d ago

@lovesony: Sony maxed out...are you kidding.

I think your thinking of the 360

Sony have plenty more ladders to climb. Oh and Uncharted 2.5 LOL

gaffyh2736d ago

@Zir0 - Jack Tretton didn't state that Agent won't be exclusive, he said that it was something that you should ask Rockstar.

edhe2736d ago

"You say sony cant afford to keep 3rd party exclusive? lets count how many 3rd part exclusive MS LOST shall we? "

Now list the ones Sony lost this gen from last please. Will be a good laugh :D

TheDareDevil2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

@ Kungfue
Sony lost
Assassin's Creed.
These Franchises are HUGE. And not to forget, Hideo Kojima's future games are going to be multi-platform.

The concept of third-party exclusive developers is slowly beginning to fade.
Games like The First Templar and The Witcher 2 have small budgets, and hence they are only available for the 360 and the PC.
Otherwise it doesn't make sense to limit your audience.

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GusBricker2736d ago

Then the Uncharted trilogy can come to Xbox.

Fair is fair.

frjoethesecond2736d ago

It's not the same. Gears is 3rd party and uncharted is 1st party.

Bonobo123452736d ago

That's the funny thing with the exclusives, gears could very easily be ported to the PS3.
It would take a world of pain and headaches to get any Uncharted running on a 360 though.

belal2736d ago

Agent isn't confirme multi. FFvs13 is not either, only speculations.

Venox20082736d ago

I think that Gears trilogy will land on Ps3 & Wii U someday.. in one disc :)

Prcko2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

i don't need another shooter on ps3.
We got plenty of shoters coming out,and if gears comes to ps3 i wouldn't buy it because it looks like every shooter,nothing innovative and new.

Eiffel2736d ago

Really no hope to hold on to when we're on the third and final Gears game(supposedly), but who knows.

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