Making of Mass Effect Coming to Sci Fi Channel

Kotaku reports on October 29:

The Sci Fi Channel is airing a special on Mass Effect starting on Nov. 20 and running through Nov. 25, according to their site. All the site really says about their special is that viewers will "get an exclusive look at the game." Oh that and that they will be giving away copies of the Limited Edition version.

[Kotaku has a link to Sci Fi Channel's Mass Effect page and show times.]

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ben hates you4867d ago

this will be the best thing sci fi has had since Sg1

jaja14344866d ago

I'm still pissed that they canceled it...Though Atlantis is a lot better this season, at least so far. And then my shinning light BSG will be coming back in 2 months, for its final season. :(

Also who is writing/creating the shows on SciFi? The only really decent one they have made is Eureka, the rest just plain suck.

socomnick4866d ago

Yes cant wait to bone the blue chick YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wageslave4866d ago

I wonder if this will appear on Windows Media Center InternetTV or in the Xbox 360 LIVE Marketplace... would be nice.

jackdoe4866d ago

If it is a lame 5 minute commercial I won't watch it. If it is really a special, a 30 minute making of, I'll give it a shot.

Zhuk4866d ago

hopefully it is awesome, i know i'll be downloading it off bittorrent if they dont put it on marketplace

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