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"In essence, every aspect of the original inFamous has been polished to a high sheen with plenty of tender loving care. Those of you who've already played the demo will have noticed a fair amount of that extra polish already, but on the whole, inFamous 2 contains the missing ingredient that I felt was lacking in the first game - that hook to keep you coming back time and time again for more. Because of the way the game tantalises you with a slow drip-feed sense of the power you'll eventually wield, it really isn't something that you can play and discount in a few minutes - but begs you to spend hour after hour exploring New Marais, interacting with the various factions scrapping over it - and more importantly trying to find out exactly what the hell you are and why you were 'chosen'. "

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RedDragan2688d ago

Didn't play the first one, maybe it is a good time to buy Number 1 and then move on to Number two.

ElementX2688d ago

You can get the first one free from the PSN welcome back promotion.

RedDragan2688d ago

Aye, but I got Wipeout and LBP because of the young'uns lol... I figured they would be able to play those easier.

It'll just mean I have to pay for the games, bargain bins here I come! XD

IRetrouk2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

i got a code for 50% off InFamous 1.
just pm me if ya want it

Tommykrem2688d ago

Wow, this game blew me away. It was fantastic from start to end.

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