Nintendo Wii U False Advertising Games That Don't Exist

Examiner: "Nintendo revealed their new Wii U console in High Definition with remote control screens as the main controllers. The Wii U controllers feature the modern setup of face buttons, dual analog sticks, and triggers with a large screen in the center. The most evolutionary thing Nintendo has done with the Wii U is raise their graphics output to "High Definition" gaming, finally catching their console offerings up to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's offering which the Wii is nowhere near."

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SpaceSquirrel2684d ago

The Wii U has great potential. Nintendo should have shown more of it at their conference.

Hitman07692684d ago

I want to see more exclusives rather than hear about every multiplatform having special features.


the problem with the wii u is the same thing as the selling point, the controller. pricing?

KonaBro2684d ago

Nintendo wants to scream from the rooftops that they will have the best looking third party games but who is going to shell out the money to buy a Wii U just to play a slightly better CoD or whatnot? Like Hitman said, it's going to come down to the exclusives and right now I'm not seeing any that get me excited. Show me Donkey Kong! Show me StarFox! Show me Pikmin! Don't show me Mario Game #583 and Zelda Game #251.

movements2684d ago

I'm looking forward to what that thing can actually do.

Apex132684d ago

what dumb idiot wrote this article when Reggie clearly stated on more then one occasion that the games and the system was a prototype to show graphics and potential ideas of how the controller would work. You bedroom journalists really need a clue and stop writing when you have not done your research.

watch the video of e3 then comment or better experience it when able then comment.

coryok2684d ago

i couldnt care less about the ports or multiplatform games that the U will recieve, i want exclusive games.

im not going to buy a new console so i can play the same games that are already available to me. give me games that i cant get other places and ill consider it.

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