Is 'Duke Nukem Forever' worth the wait?

Saying that Duke Nukem Forever is "boring and original" would probably anger some gamers. Fans of the original -- the teenagers of the 1990s who are in their 30s or 40s by now -- would pay $60 each to see this trigger-happy action star... but not today's teenagers.

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The Meerkat2775d ago


But I think the world would be a worse place without it.

EYEamNUMBER12775d ago

from what ive seen a 12-14 year wait (depending on who your asking) was NOT worth it

andron2775d ago

I'l get it when it's in the bargain bin...

Eiffel2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

It's good enough for the nostalgia factor and for fans. Anyone who was thinking this was gonna be the next big thing or had high hopes really deserved to be disappointed, it's on an old engine and it's gone through what? Several redesigns since the past three generations, delays, was handed over to Gearbox mid development to finish, ect. It's good for what it is, it's not a bad game, it's not great either. It's just a nice escape from the sheering seriousness of today's titles, good old nostalgia. For the older generations it's decent enough, from what I've seen it's the current generation that are crying foul.

pr0digyZA2775d ago

True it's a 14 year wait but it was probably only put together 3 years ago and gearbox probably only had it for a year. I am just glad it is out so that we can all move on.

Eiffel2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I've seen in the past it's been off and on through development hiatus with 3D Realms you can actually look up old screenshots, dating from two generations ago, to the previous, to now. It's really been in development hell for a long time, even the older models from when 3D Realms were developing are used in Gearbox's finished product, namely the enemies.

Mikeyy2775d ago

I agree, one of my FIRST PC games ever was Duke 3d. For pure nastalgia reasons I am loving DNF.

All the complainers must be 12 year old COD fanboys or something. DNF has me laughing my ass off...

Everybody was warned this game was OLD SCHOOL, yet they all still act all surpirsed.

My only complaint is that most the levels so far just arent as memorable as Duke3d, And the levels are layed out in a linear fashion. Rather than free roam, find keycard style of the old game.

AJKanismajoris2775d ago

i've heard very mixed reviews for this game,

Some love it for it's Nostalgia and classic feel,

Some hate it because of the wait and the over-the-top arcadey shooter compared to todays military fps's...

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