Microsoft will bring Tokyo Game Show to your "Lives"!

Microsoft changed the way the masses view E3 this past May with demos, videos and behind-the-scenes reports downloadable directly via Xbox Live. This September, the company is looking to do the same for the Tokyo Game Show.

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drewdrakes5875d ago

They must have a lot of news to have a pre-TGS conference, a TGS conference, and X06.

Aquanox5875d ago

Whathever Microsoft has prepared to spoil the other consoles launch, it will definetly be bigger than anything announced so far. Now is where the real competition starts.

bernie5875d ago

The TGS and X'06 shows will definitely make the Marketplace the hub of all the information.

Aramis0015875d ago

Think about it. Sony puts everything they have into TGS, while MS attempts to block it with their own announcements, though Sony is the clear winner of the round. Then, at X06 MS throws a deadly haymaker, which may or may not hit. How exciting! And speaking of boxing, back to FNR3!

BIadestarX5874d ago

Sony was right... They can't shake them. Microsoft keep stepping on their balls and will not let go. Sony found their true match. hah they just keep making Sony look bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.