More Than 1 Composer Working On Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kitase and Toriyama have revealed in an interview on Folkgames that Hamauzu FF13's composer is working on FF13-2's soundtrack

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Hitman07692682d ago

This should be interesting.....

Tommykrem2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

GOOD! Cause if there was one problem with the soundtrack in FFXIII it was that there should have been more variety. That's really all I needed to hear to get excited about this title. I know, I should be in jail.

frjoethesecond2682d ago

I don't think there was a problem with the 13 soundtrack. Thought it was fantastic.

They added variety with leona lewis (joking btw).

Giant_Chibi2682d ago

You know, when x-2 came out, it had a theme called 1000 words. A song that was originally sung by a huge japanese pop icon, Koda Kumi which was then covered in english by Jade from Sweetbox. I guess squeenix thought the reception from this song was really great, so they assumed that Leona lewis would be a great fit for XIII. I used to like that song, but looking back on that song now and the scene where yuna is singing to a crowd of people, that was some serious cheese man. I'm talkin' velveeta. She sings a song that clears up a storm. I mean, how cliche is that?

Tommykrem2681d ago

No, I can see that. I did say "if there was one problem with the soundtrack then..." and I think that a bit more variety would've been good. They do have five or six different versions of the main theme, and they are on a lot.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2682d ago

As long as they have more than TWO FUCKING BATTLE THEMES.

frjoethesecond2682d ago

I can remember 5 battle themes in 13.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2682d ago

You're probably right. It's just the same one played 90% of the time, which was kinda annoying after 10 hours.

Giant_Chibi2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Very good news, indeed. IIRC, ff12 also had several composers which included Uematsu shortly before his departure from square. While Hitoshi Sakimoto's style is not as whimsical as Uematsu's, I felt that his experience from scoring tactics ogre and vagrant story brought a sound that was not only familiar to the world of Ivalice, but unique in comparison to the main series of final fantasy. Whoever they choose as the collective group of composers, I at least hope Sakimoto is heavily involved as the lead composer this time around. His recent work in Valkyria chronicles was quite memorable for me. The theme "Those who succeeded" still gets me every time I listen to it. :'[