Hey Look, Wii U Looks Like an Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player

Nintendo sure has an amazing creative team working on building their products. But one department that Nintendo needs to focus on, is the damn design team. Nintendo’s latest system “Wii U” has the same shape and color similar to an Xbox 360 HD-DVD player. For a company that leads in innovation –the least they can do is give the new system a modern look. I am sure we can all agree that the all white console/Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player look, is so 2006.

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pcz2686d ago

its obvious nintendo just went for a cheap design, rather than actually pushing the boat out for something different. thats not necessarily a bad thing, as (hopefully) the savings will be passed onto the consumer. its just like the wii, its cheap.

i hope this low cost approach doesnt extend to the innards of the console.. it really will be wii all over again

C0MPUT3R2685d ago

Huh? Nintendo overcharges on the hardware, they are not passing any savings on.
Iwata is already on record saying it will cost more than the Wii.

badz1492685d ago

Nintendo fans: "Wii U"
Haters: "Wii U too"!!

funny as hell! XD

dan_chan892686d ago

I think they focused too much on the controller...

TruthbeTold2686d ago

'So 2006'

Really? Could we find something even more petty and nitpicky than this? I mean at this point we get it. A stubborn and set in their way group don't like anything Nintendo does, and no matter what they do, if it doesn't mirror what the companies they like does, and build on that thought process in the way they see fit, we'll get complaining. Give it a rest already. The hate is beginning to get absurd...

tigertron2685d ago

Maybe those who are being "petty" and "nitpicky" have some valid points?

I'm personally not hating on Nintendo, I'm just dissapointed with the route they've taken. At the end of day, I just want the old Nintendo back.

eagle212685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Who cares about what they like? I know I don't. I'll play Nintendo all day.. :)

Hitman07692686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Hilarious and so true. @dan_chan89 controller looks very bland visually. Looks don't matter to someone like me but since that is the focus of this article I have to say it looks ugly as hell.

chaos-lockheart2685d ago

black cat white cat, as long as it catches a mouse is a good cat. As long it has great games its a great system.

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The story is too old to be commented.