What Do Regular Gamers Think Of Duke Nukem Forever?

Professional reviews have been quite harsh on Duke Nukem Forever, but what go regular gamers think of the title? Mark Serrels of Kotaku asked the community just that. Here are the responses.

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Kyle12122685d ago

i think it's extremely fun and brings me back to the glory days of FPS gaming.

This is the reason i havn't bothered listening to reviews in years. I've enjoyed every minute of Duke so far and i'm looking forward to finishing it. However, the loadtimes alone have made me stop playing and take a break. I've never had worse load times in a game before, and of course the graphics look dated. The game is still using assets from 2007.

Still love it, still enjoying it and i don't really care what anyone else says. (=

StanLee2685d ago

I agree. I think it's fun but it's not a $60 title by today's standards; then again, how many games are? I think Pitchford and Gearbox set the expectations too high. The game was never going to measure up to the hype he was building but it's a good, solid FPS jaunt, it's fun and that's what Duke Nukem games are. For $20 on PSN/XBL, this game would have been considered a steal but for $60 it's an unfair return to a great franchise.

The Meerkat2685d ago

The load times when you die are worse than Too Human!

pipipi2685d ago

"Still love it, still enjoying it and i don't really care what anyone else says. (= "
WELL SAID MY FRIEND!!! thats a very smart quote.
i pre order the balls of still edition for pc. i saw that IGN.COM review i was really dissapointed, and actually i want to cancel my pre order, but after read your speech, ill give it a chance.
i reamember when ign review CASTLEVANIA LORDS OF SHADOWS i was sad to hear that the game according to that daemon hatfield or watever the name is, the game sucks because its not a true castlevania or something. i am a fan of castlevania since i was a kid!!! and i can tell after playing it, is pretty awesome game, i was tired of the same stuff from older castlevania titles.
anyways i hope you see my point.

Count2685d ago

I could've waited more.

hoof1232685d ago

Off Topic: Nice avatar.

On Topic: I will play this game, but I'm going to wait for it to become a bit cheaper before I buy it.

Kran2685d ago

Looks like its a mixed reception from gamers too.

I think the Critics were spot on with this game for once.

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The story is too old to be commented.