Gamers Underground: Duke Nukem Forever Review

GU: I had such very low expectations coming into my Duke Nukem Forever experience. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, not wanting to stop playing, and finishing it in a single session - bar a nap before the final boss fight. Mostly importantly, I have to reiterate; I had fun with this game, so much fun I'm almost embarrassed to say so.

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Mikeyy2774d ago

Nobody wants to comment here? you all would rather trash your xbox versions on the other posts...

magnifier2774d ago

Because the reviewer is trolling. Nobody would give this game a score above 40. It's horrible, even for fans. Made me sad.

AllroundGamer2774d ago

they probably had some money left, so they used it to bribe at least some reviewers, so it wouldn't look like total garbage :)