E3 2011 Video: Dark Souls Frustrates Demo Player

From what was shown on the show floor demo, it seemed like more of the same Demon’s Soul type gameplay. While the game might frustrate some, others embrace the difficulty and enjoy the journey. In the demo, there were a few more campfire spots acting as checkpoints that refilled health potions. The controls are generally the same, with the same combat abilities including rolling and dodging. If you liked Demon’s Souls, you can expect to enjoy more of it with finer improvements.

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jaosobno2682d ago

Honestly, if you lose nerves and give up easily then find yourself an easier game. If it's anything like Demon's Souls, this game will show no mercy to the weak (sinister laughter: MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

GrieverSoul2682d ago

This game actually looks easier than Demon Souls. I dont know if the character is high leveled but it can take a few hits. In Demon Souls a normal grunt would shave your health by 3 quarters with 2 hits.
As long as you preserve your stamina, you should be able to defend and counter attack the normal grunts.

jaosobno2682d ago

Except here you don't have 99 Dark Moon Grass but instead 5 flasks which you refill only at checkpoints. And how many checkpoints will you have during let's say boss fights? None.

Anderson82682d ago

the character where meant to be averagely high leveled

Newtype2682d ago

Why is he using that weapon in small quarters? Stupid.

videoxgamexfanboy2682d ago

Demons Souls only frustrates players who play it like DMC or GOW. They dont understand things like accurate attacks or dodging. Real Demons Souls player embrace death and learn from it. Like Virtua Fighter 5, Demons Souls is a gentlemans game and should be played as such...thats my 2 cents...

revengemadmax2682d ago

demon souls was pure win!! and if this game is an improvement over that then i expect this to be a must buy day one!

camehlheon2682d ago

Looks like it's gonna be awesome, plain and simple. The guy didn't really play well tbh. Too bad the devs didn't get rid of that corpse thing, when you run into a corpse and it moves like it's a piece of paper.

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