Why I don't Care About E3 Anymore writes: E3 has become nothing more than a a glorified business expo where giant corporations rudely shove their sales figures in your face, pretend to care about your needs and then proceed to completely side step you for the casual gamer.

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LOGICWINS2685d ago

He has a point. With the Internet and new tech in general, its HARD to keep secrets in the gaming industry. Sites like N4G get more popular by the day, and eventually, most informed gamers will already know about E3's megatons way in advance.

EVILDEAD3602685d ago

E3 is the Super Bowl for gamers. Without it we'd be watching youtube videos and listening to falseinfo from fan bloggers all year long.

I remember not too long before the age of the internet as a gamer you had to get every piece of nuggets of info was a few monthly gaming mags.

Every year I couldn't wait for the E3 edition of EGM. Fast forward and we are watching the conferences on Spike, G4TV, and the internet.

We get the I hate E3 fan blog articles every year, before and after E3. This guy is trying to pass off that everyone though Microsoft and Sony were going to reveal new hardware this year. Who in their right mind thought that?

Yup the conferences could have been better, but if you hate it don't watch it. For the rest's the one time the world and press stops to celerate what gaming has to offer. And when a conference actually disappoints...there's always next year and the excitment and speculation will return (as it ALWAYS does)


EVILDEAD3602685d ago

lol..excuse all the typos..was in a rush

gameguidedog2685d ago

Or now instead of watching the conferences you can catch the fan bloggers updates with a bit more accuracy since it seems they are strongly promoted now at E3.

hamburger1232685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Yeah, I watch the press conference as if it is a movie :P
so I hate it when sites like Kotaku spoil everything.

Quagmire2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I have to say, this E3 was one of the worst, most hilariously boring conventions ever, despite showing some cool trailers, revealing a hardcore Wii, and unveiling Vita, there wasnt really anything Megaton.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2685d ago

i thought uncharted 3 was megaton.

Quagmire2685d ago

It was its Uncharted, would you really consider it NOT to be amazing?

RedSky2685d ago


Apparently 3 people actually thought it was going to look shit, who would have thought.

RedSky2685d ago

Oh what, does my pointing out your anonymous, fanboyish and chicken-shit disagrees make no sense and resemble some neanderthal’s grunting disapproval offend you?

Aww, didums.

DigitalAnalog2685d ago

Have I ever told you... the meaning of insanity?

-End statement

Armyntt2685d ago

Eh, I wouldnt call the Wii360S3U hardcore yet. But i agree E3 was very underwhelming. Also agree there wasnt anything "megaton".

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2685d ago

Yea this one wasnt all that great but goodness you cant expect every E3 to be like 2005, 2007, and 2009. I still like E3. And now that we're pushing into the next generation I expect that next years will be great.

the_kutaragi_baka2685d ago

E3 is getting boring Cause all they do year after year is show the same things (in concept) over and over again.

CRAIG6672685d ago

"E3 has become nothing more than a a glorified business expo"

Well duh,are these companies not in it for the money? Sorry but I thought that was the main point of business,perhaps I am missing something?

Nothing has changed,E3 has always been about generating business,you can look through rose tinted glasses all you want but business is business,I am fine with that,thought microsoft,sony an nintendo all had somthing intresting to show.

RedSky2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The larger a creative industry becomes, the more it becomes centered around chasing the mass market at the expense of creativity. When it's sufficiently small it can make unique and interesting games catering to a niche. Once it gets big enough, the only way it can sustain returns is by gearing design towards safe mass market products.

If you look at movies, the name of the game for years has been to tick at least 2 of 4 demographics, of young male/female and adult male/female. Notice how tons of action flicks have a love angle thrown in? There's your reason why.

This is also exactly why E3 now feels more like a business expo. They were always motivated by money, now there's just much more pressure to do so and the design and variety of titles on offer reflects that.

CRAIG6672685d ago

Uncharted 3,gears of war 3,a disney kinect game,various move titles,the wiiU itself,i spy variety and inovation...

I do understand where you are coming from,but creativity aint dead,not the way it is in the film industry,we now have more delopers/choice than ever,and even if the gamed industry ends up exactly the same as the film indusry we will stiil have break through titles like the the film industry-inception,the dark night etc...

RedSky2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Uncharted 3 - It looks pretty and is probably fun to play but there is nothing original about it whatsoever.

Gears of War 3 - Again, what exactly is original about it? I don't follow the series but baring some completely unexpected and daring gameplay addition it seems like every other 3rd person shooter out there.

Kinect - I can only laugh at it. It does have its originally but it's like if I was a car aficionado and they released an original moped.

Move titles - My guess is they'll either be aimed at the casual audience or will be adapted to mainstream titles where they were be a hugely inferior controller choice. I was optimistic about Move being a solid alternative to a controller perhaps too optimistic but so far its not turning out this way at all.

Wii U - The augmented reality stuff it does has been done on Nintendo's handhelds. Okay fine, it is nice you can play it as a handheld at home away from the TV, but does it enhance my gaming experience? Not really, it makes it more convenient, possibly. The 'lets stick the interface on the controller screen' won't work for multiplayer or anything fast paced. I bought a Logitech keyboard with a tiny LCD back when they came out and thought that's what I'd use it for too. Completely impractical in reality to avert your eye in anything like a multiplayer FPS, even if it is a bit bigger, it won't make a difference.

I see smidgens of variety at best. Even you I'm sure have to admit that the industry at the moment is dominated by really 2 things:

1 - 1st/3rd person shooters.
2 - Motion control.

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