Stop Whining Over Dante's New DmC Look "If there is one thing that kills any creative process over time, it's listening to whining fans that think they know more about developing a character than the people who created the character themselves. I'm reminded of this fact whenever I check in with Capcom related news and come across some new bits of information regarding DmC, the prequel to their reasonably popular Devil May Cry saga."

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rabidpancakeburglar3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

People only whine when there is an article relating to the new DMC or his appearance, sort of like this one. No one is going out of their way to raise the issue out with articles on it, so who cares.

SnuggleBandit3307d ago

ya, i say stop writing about us whining about Dante's look!

Redrum0593307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

what pisses me off is that dante's new look is ripped streight off of lead member of ninja theory. im not an ugly guy but im no badass ripped king leonidus iether, so if i were to make a game with a super hero im definetely not using my image for the super hero's look. i would get no sales. its common business knowledge to cater to the mass appeal. the lead developer of this game did not think of the mass appeal, and for that his sales will suffer. he must think the large dmc fanbase are a bunch of whimpy emo homos.

Redrum0593307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

srry guys, picture too small.

jadenkorri3307d ago

i wouldn't blame anyone for getting upset at dante's new look, like cmon, he was so badass you wouldn't mess with him. Now your some emo looking kid who got raped in prison.

NewMonday3307d ago

after the E3 demo their are legitimate complaints about gameplay.

Jappy-k73307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

and every DMC fan MUST see this video...I seriously recommend watching it to the end.

later in the video you can see Ninja Theory laugh at gamers they doesn't care about the fans nor the game they are making...GAMERS SHOULD STOP SUPPORTING NT, it's not about the hair or the character anymore!

gaffyh3307d ago

Forget his stupid emo hair, his face is completely different. They're going way too far with this redesign, look at Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, they redesigned her, but she still looks like Lara. Not some emo kid.

CommonSense3307d ago

the look would have made sense 5 years ago (i mean it was still stupid as hell even then), but you don't really see people with no personality going after this cliche appearance anymore. the new look is pointless tattoos and piercings. guys who wear makeup are just gay.

anyway, he can look however they want him to, i lost interest in DMC after the first one, so i don't have to look at him.

bodybombs3307d ago

its not even so much about the new look. his whole attitude is different, he isnt that cool, flashy, i skateboard on rpg's guy anymore, i play with my enemies until im bored guy anymore. hes edward from twilight now, and its lame

DragonKnight3307d ago

This article forgets some important things. For one, Ninja Theory didn't create Dante, Hideki Kamiya did. Tameem Antoniades' ego was too big to allow the original Dante to exist, so he recreated Dante in his image, thinking himself to be some kind of god. Second, any company would do well to listen to the "whining" of its consumer base because that's where their money come from. If the people aren't happy, and they show you that en masse, you better listen or you'll find yourself with an undersold product.

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OmegaSlayer3307d ago

Hm...who played DMC knows that Dante already had white hair when he was a kid, since in the medallion he wears there's a pic of Dante, Vergil and their mother Eva...
But yeah, Ninja Theory could explain that Dante dyed is hair when he was young...though the problem is not white hair or the emo look.

The problem is Unreal Engine that makes most of the games look very similar and most of all the lack of 60FPS.
DMC is a game based on action, player skills, dexterity and stuff like that.
The lack of 60FPS is my main concern.

Then I don't understand why Capcom, that is still able to pull out good ideas like Dragon's Dogma, has the need to call out non-Japanese devs for their main franchises.
Bionic Commando was bad, Resident Evil: ORC doesn't seem that cool, and this...

Max_Dissatisfaction3307d ago

yeah thats why it's called a reboot and not a remake. They can change whatever they want, heck they could make it that Dante and Virgil are best buddies to the end in this reboot if they wanted.

jc485733307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

yup, we don't care. I don't like what I see, then I don't buy and so is 1 millions of us. I can pretty much guarantee you that this game will end up even worse than Enslaved in terms of sales, so don't blame us (yes, 1 million fans).

Edit: We will end this franchise for good. This is a warning for you, Capcom. This is for Dante's sake.

TheBlackSmoke3307d ago

All of what people say about dmc history and dante's appearance is irrelevant because this is a REBOOT.

People cannot seem to get this concept of what a reboot is which is why they complain about how unlike the other games it is. Why have a reboot if the characters, settings and gameplay are kept exactly the same?

Dmc needed a reboot as dmc4 was extremely mediocre and samey. The ONLY plotline that anybody ever cared about was the dante and vergil origin story, which has already been told.

People need to keep an open mind about this. This could be exactly what dmc needs.

OmegaSlayer3307d ago

Every reboot is an idiot thing, because you spit in the eyes of the people that made that character/movie/game what he is.

hay3307d ago

@OmegaSlayer: Mortal Kombat did the reboot right.

OmegaSlayer3307d ago

Mortal Kombat reboot was handled by the hands of the guy who made the original, so something could have changed but the spirit is the same.
Now Ninja Theory made only 2 average games (Heavenly Sword is good but not a masterpiece, Enslaved is really clunky) is taking the reins but there's no "guiding light".
No Kamiya, no Mikami, not even Kobayashi.
Castlevania LOS was a cool reboot too, but a certain Kojima was the supervisor of the project.
As I said, what concerns me is not the overall fugly look, but the gameplay (and Antoniades putting his face on Dante is really arrogant stuff).
Neither Heavenly Sword nor Enslaved had gameplay worth to be remembered in the history of videogames.

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DigitalAnalog3307d ago

I wonder what the headlines would be if they changed Lara Croft to a blondie in her reboot. It would be ascertain that many MANY articles would criticize the change.

-End statement

firelogic3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Why not change mario's look for the next game. Let's make him really skinny, change his whole facial structure, and then have him wear a leather outfit. BUT don't worry guys, when he eats a fire mushroom, he'll kind of look like the mario we know and love for a few seconds.

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Godmars2903307d ago

Well, when they really start showing gameplay, we can start whining about that. Is that okay?

Just don't think I'm ready for European demons in Japanese viewed European demon game, if you know what I mean.

banjadude3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Actually, there are gameplay videos. Very short clip though - think it was on

Godmars2903307d ago

No, that's not a proper gameplay showing. They need need to show a boss fight, the cutscene leading up to it, to give a true impression of how this new Dante measures up.

jc485733307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

this is a prequel? o.O

Edit: So this is exactly like Silent Hill Origins. Bad move. I really don't care about Origins/prequels per se. Do you care? Time only moves on forward that's for sure.

Pozzle3307d ago

I'm surprised they aren't moving forward, tbh. There is still so much in the DMC world that could be explored (Namely, Dante and Vergil's story.)

We already had a prequel with DMC3 that showed what a younger Dante was like. We don't really need another prequel to that prequel imo.

Gohadouken3307d ago

it's not a prequel , it doesnt tie to any of the dmc game .

They are doing they own thing .. Call it a reboot , parallell universe , whatever , but it can't tie into the serie while being at odds with important canon parts of its story

Hatiko3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Tameem has called it a prequel, a reboot, and an origin story. Alot of people are calling it a preboot. They haven't stated that they wanted to change the story as they want to "respect what has been established" but they want to reboot the tone and feel. they think that what was cool when the first game came out (which to them was 12 years ago, interview was in 2010, at that time the game would have come out 9 years ago, idiots)isn't cool now, dante is too much of a fashionista, and they want to re-invent what was cool about DMC so many years ago (by going back to the underground movement of the 80's/90's, do these idiots get how time works?), so even fans have no clue what they are doing with it.

Pozzle3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

True, it's an alternate take on Dante's younger years and doesn't necessarily fit into the current canon timeline (at least from what's we've heard)... But it still begs the question: Why? The series isn't all that old and there is still plenty that could be explored in the current DMC world. So why bother rebooting?

It makes no sense to reboot it, especially when most fans just want DMC5.

Hatiko3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Well the main thing to remember is that Inafune was the head of capcom at the time. He kept saying tha japanese devs were 5 years behind western ones and he, in the end, picked the final design of Dante. It's all his way of trying to make it "more appealing to the western audience. But now he's gone but they are still doing it.

jc485733307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

really don't care anymore. They can do whatever they want with the reboot as long as they don't mess around with the main franchise. They do their own thing, while we just go back and play the real DMC again. The hell with those people that defend DmC. The hell with Capcom too and keep Inafune out of this, Hatiko.

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Kamikaze1353307d ago

Stop whining and the whiners. WHINERS GON' WHINE!

xPhearR3dx3307d ago

He looks like a crack head in my opinion.

INehalemEXI3307d ago

Crack heads > dude who stole dantes Identity.