Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference: Were Hardcore Gamers Welcome? "Nintendo prides itself on its ability to bring different and innovative gaming experiences to its customers and their E3 2011 press conference was no different. However, I came away from the whole thing asking one very important question. Who are Nintendo’s customers?"

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RedDead2688d ago

Should have shown the system and specs, instead of focusing completely on the controller.

egidem2688d ago

That's true. This also might have caused some confusion among other people.

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MasterCornholio2688d ago

The Wii U does seem a bit casual to me. Just like how the first Wii was casual because of the controller design. But i am sure that Nintendo will provide plenty of core games for it. Not to mention Multiplat devs as well. What stunk about the Wii was because of its outdated hardware many games remained exclusive to PC, PS3 and 360. Now with the improved hardware of the Wii U nintendo fans can enjoy the multiplats that they missed out on.

BEEFSTYCK2688d ago

Good point about the hardware issue.

ilkercruiser2688d ago

Wii U controller is useless for hardcore games. Nintendo has to develop much more ergonomic and fps-friendly controller.

Jejojaja2688d ago

The controller could be awesome for the FPS genre, If they do this:

That would be awesome it would be like looking around in a virtual space.
Personally i've never been as excited of a console as i am to WiiU.

ilkercruiser2688d ago

Yes, this feature will be available on WiiU controller. But classical analog usage is poor anyway.

N4g_null2688d ago

He was not even using motion plus in that demo. Basically with a real gun frame design nintendo could have two sets of gyros and ir pointing to make this the most precise gun addition ever.

Nintendo needs to make a universal gun shell design so we can then make replica stocks of real guns.

I'm not crazy about extra plastic but if it can look like a real gun I would buy them all lol.

ChickeyCantor2688d ago

People who held it said it felt comfy.
Other than that its still a controller which will work in the classic sense.

People are tripping over nothing.

rexbolt2688d ago

screw fps those games are the most casul of them all