Battlefield 3 Exclusive Weapons DLC Poll: 94% Dislike The Idea

GameBlurb writes, "In the recent announcement for EA’s most anticipated shooter of the year, Battlefield 3 is getting some heat for it’s recent exclusive Pre-Order bonuses."

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junk3d2776d ago

Wow if the community was able to stop it then, we should be able to do it again. Here are all the contacts you guys can make:


Official Twitter/Facebook pages

EA Twitter: [2]!/ea

BF3 Twitter: [3]!/battl...

EA Facebook: [4]

BF3 Facebook: [5]

Important EA emails

John Riccitiello (CEO) - [6] [email protected]

Eric Brown (Exec VP, CFO) - [7] [email protected]

John Pleasants (COO) - [8] [email protected]

John Schappert - [9] [email protected] Chief Operating Officer

Leonard S. Coleman - [10] [email protected] Director

Jeff Huber - [11] [email protected] Director

Gary M. Kusin - [12] [email protected] Director

Barker, Ken - [13] [email protected] Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer

Geraldine Laybourne - [14] [email protected] Director

Gregory B. Maffei - [15] [email protected] Director

Vivek Paul - [16] [email protected] Director

Lawrence F. Probst III - [17] [email protected] Chairman of the Board

Richard A. Simonson - [18] [email protected] Lead Director

Linda J. Srere - [19] [email protected] Director

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Agent-862776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

I don't think weapon unlocks as pre-order bonus isn't out of bounds. However, when the weapons are exclusive, with no chance of the other gamers of eventually unlocking them, that is a very bad idea. It will cause a wealth of balance issues which I hear DICE may have to go through if EA continues to push this Physical Warfare pack. All the regions would have to their own personal packs sold to balance it out causing unneeded problems. I hope EA changes their minds and lets DICE handle the DLC the way they want.

SilentNegotiator2775d ago

Even if they were unlockable, it would probably take forever. And in between, you get incredibly useless weapons. In Bad Company 2, you constantly unlock weapons that are a SLIGHT bit higher in one category, but the other categories are half of what earlier weapons are, and don't get anything good until towards the end.

BLAKHOODe2775d ago

It'd be kinda cool if they based the DLC by region and made it where you could get American made guns in the U.S... European made guns in the U.K... and so on. Obviously, the guns would have to be equal to one another for the sake of fairness.

That said, I believe preorder DLC should ALWAYS be made available to everyone eventually, rather by selling it on the store/marketplace or giving gamers an opportunity to earn it in-game.

KiWi17112776d ago

If the weapons were fairly gimmicky, I wouldn't mind all that much. From the sounds of it, these "exclusives" seem pretty heavy stuff.

Hopefully they release them after a period of time, I'd be surprised if they don't.

MicrocutsX22776d ago

yeah how do we know if these weapons are even balanced for multiplayer? What if the type 88 is like the most OP gun there and everyone who preorderd has an advantage over those who didn't? That would seriously suck.

DrRichtofen2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Didn't EA pull this shit last year with MoH, I remember when I first got it and joined a multiplayer game, tons of people had M60's. I got killed so much from it and when I checked to see what level you have to be to get the M60, it was never in the list of weapons And I'm pretty sure it was some exclusive preorder bullshit. I havn't played it since cuz it was so overpowered.

PattHpapong2776d ago

Gotta miss the simpler days when you can just earn a bonus weapon in-game from doing impossible stuff with bragging rights instead of popping out your wallet. Gaming's a business, yes, but back when the technology didnt allow it, gaming was more about other things than getting ppl hooked and spending money (cough WoW)

TheNocturnus2776d ago

Oh my god people, let it go. Just preorder it if you are that concerned about it. It is just a video game and we as consumers don't have to buy it if we don't want to.

When BF3 comes out I will be killing fools whether they have the type 88 rifle or not. When did some gamers become so needy and pathetic that they have to petition for content or lack of content?

No Way2776d ago

You do realize that not everyone could preorder this 'package' correct..?

TheNocturnus2776d ago

Ok, I'll use my last bubble since I was bubble raped after the whole "Tman Army Fiasco".

Yes, I realize that not everyone can get this. But have you played Battlefield before? There are so many weapons to choose from already, and while they differ they do not break the game in any way. Why would I care if some guy in europe has some sweet sniper rifle I cannot get, I can still get up there and knife his ass.

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