Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo- Who stole the show E3 2011?

Post reads: "Each conference at this year's E3 expo had something special to offer. Let's take a brief walk-through of what they showcased, to refresh our memory. Let's talk about the first-party titles, and skip over the multiplatform titles, to get down to the nitty gritty."

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Joni-Ice2682d ago

I thought we been through this already? Sony did.

Yi-Long2682d ago

... but TBH, all 3 conferences were disappointing.

GrieverSoul2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

Im my book, they went like this:

Microsoft was Kinect this, that, and some more. Some Halo remake with a Halo 4 (who knew /s) thrown to the mix.
Sony went the safe path and showed titles we already knew about. Vita price was spot on!
Nintendo, "here is the controller". The console? Not yet! By the way, we are now hardcore and third party friendly.

MS sucked!
Sony was average.
Nintendo was... well... confusing, to say the least.

Worst E3 i remember. Nothing new was showed. No bomb shells. No news about franchises like Versus XIII, Last Guardian, Metal Gear Rising, etc...

Inside_out2682d ago

Definitely NO winners this year. I thought this E3 was going to be a raging fire of great game announcements and showings but instead it wasn't mush more than a slow burn. As a gamer tho, it still was better than reading about Sony's issue's for another month...O_o

There were some nice moments tho...M$ opening was fantastic and kinda like a rock concert with that great stage set up and MW3 blasting through with that cross-com chatter. Tomb Raider blew me away...such great action and graphical detail. Far Cry 3 had me giggling because it was so good. I thought Mass Effect looked like a Star Wars movie with all the crazy background action. I'm really starting to want to play Resistance 3 and can't wait to give it a go...I love it's art direction and I'm a sucker for those cheesy story lines...( bows head )...yep, I even liked Battlfield L.A...well Gears looks EPIC as usual. Halo 4 with the new suit looks great but 2012 is a long ways off. Big fan of Ghost Recon and the multi-player trailer has me dreaming of good times again.

Over all tho, it didn't have the big announcement I was hoping for. I had high hopes for Nintendo but that conference was a mess. I don't have a 3Ds and don't plan on getting one. Sony had no surprises at all but did show the PS Vita and name aside, that machine looks serious.

Bolts2682d ago

This year E3 was a bore fest. There is nothing to be excited about at all. It seems all the major parties are saving their ammo for the nextgen of consoles.

KiWi17112682d ago

I agree. Sony certainly had the best conference. Not rightly sure how or why people are still asking. Seems clear-cut to me.

moparful992682d ago

Regardless I think sony is poised to have the best chance of knocking nintendo off of the portable throne.. The NGP, wont call it vita, is looooooking sick.. I honestly can't think of anything else I want a portable game device to do.. Two genuine joysticks, hd resolution, touch functionality, 3g, two cameras, raw power, superb launch lineup, mass market price appeal, myriad of social tools... Its darn near perfect for me... Only thing that will make the NGP better is if ready at dawn announces another God of War title.. *starts salivating*

tigertron2682d ago

One wonders why you got 4 disagrees. I completley agree with you, the Vita has a huge potential.

moparful992682d ago

Probably people who are nintendo fanyboys who dont have a valid argument so the only weapon they have is the disagree button...

HmongAmerican2682d ago

third parties has step up their game lately. Most of the game they show blow all the exclusive away.

Fishy Fingers2682d ago

In all honesty I wasnt overly impressed by any of the 3. I'd probably pick Sony if forced.

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