GameFocus Review: Red Faction Armageddon

GameFocus writes:

"Red Faction Guerrilla may have been the story of Alec Mason and his quest to save Mars from the evil Earth Defense Force but to me, it was an amazing sandbox where I could “blow s*hit up” while freeing a planet from crazy despots. All I cared for destroying buildings, collecting salvage, buying new weapons, upgrading them, then hitting the dusty martian roads to search for more stuff to explode. A couple of hours later, Mars was saved and Alec was a hero, so I would jump online and compete against friends in Wreaking Crew, the popular leaderboard-based destruction mode. In all, it was a nice overall package that definitely deserved my praises, despite the rather forgettable story."

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Tachyon_Nova2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Every year I reckon there are a few games that get a meta score in the 70's that desever much better. 2009 was Saboteur, last year was Medal of Honor and this year is Red Faction.

I just finished it on PC and it is a brilliant game. It has the coolest Sci-Fi weapons I've encountered in a long time, incredible destruction, good gameplay variety, a fairly interesting story, good voice work and good graphics. I simply don't undertand how this can score a 73 on meta when Homefront scores more or less the same.