GameFocus E3 Preview: Rise of Knightmares

GameFocus writes: "For all those complaining that there are no mature titles available for Microsoft's Kinect, SEGA’s in-house studios might have what you need with their upcoming horror-film inspired Rise of Nightmares. After getting to spend a bit of time with the game, it certainly accomplishes the goal of being a mature Kinect game."

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L6RD7BLU32686d ago

"WHAT" the grammar officers didn't get this guy BS. Then I'll do it, someone doesn't know the difference between Knight and Night.

Sinkway2686d ago

haha far out!

On topic: I really want to have a go at this game.

Tachyon_Nova2685d ago

How is that grammar? And I do know the difference btw.

L6RD7BLU32685d ago

Come on, really? check your stuff. I don't care either way but yeah.

Jonmau52685d ago

You have curiously wrote Knightmares in the title... Seems strange when the game is called Rise of Nightmares..


The article is great and I agree finally this will give the 'hardcore' something to play for Kinect. I can't wait to get my hands on and give this one a try for the site.

Thanks for putting this game firmly on my radar Tachyon.

Much appreciated.

Jonmau5 | TPV