Blu-ray Backers Launch New Promotional Campaign " I do Blu"

Consumer electronics manufacturers and studios that back the Blu-ray Disc format have kicked off a new educational effort with the tagline "I do Blu."

The branding effort broke with a TV spot Sunday during the final game of the World Series. In the spot, a generically branded HDTV and Blu-ray player hold hands by way of their electrical cords. Film clips from such popular franchises as Spider-Man and Harry Potter also were shown.

The ad is expected to also translate to print.

Blu-ray backers want the ads to emphasize the marriage of Blu-ray and HDTV.

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drtysouf214866d ago

they need to really promote that Disney is Blu-ray exclusive to get all those parents with children that like Disney movies.

Twist964866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )


DemiseofPandas4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I've seen some commercials, for that Robinsons movie, that seemed more like a blu-ray commercial than it was the actual movie.
And I hope the slogan "I do Blu" doesn't attract some smurf or blue man group fetish. =P

ruibing4866d ago

Pixar movies and Disney classics are what I am getting. There are just so many good titles that are available for BD this holiday season.

resistance1004866d ago

'I do Blu"'

Is that the USA Slogan!!

Bit odd really, in Europe all the blu-ray adverts (and trust me they are being shown 24/7 now every time i watch tv i normally see that advert) are done by Sony themselves and continue using the sony Slogan for most of there products however it states 'Entertainment like. no. other' rather than the Vaio Slogan Be.

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IdontTakeSides4866d ago

Blu-Ray...all the way..The end begins 2morrow for HD-DVD...

WilliamRLBaker4866d ago

you dont take sideS? looks like it to me.

LOL HD DVD is dead tomorow why? because they started a new compaign? isn't this like the 3rd campaign so far?

IdontTakeSides4866d ago

haha..nice try at a joke dude...

I choose the name beign ironic that im actually taking sides..kk..get over it..Im a sony supporter...i've made that clear in my post..

now 2morrow marks the begining of alot of High profile releases on Blu-ray...ala Spider Man 3..kk....

jaja14344866d ago

Thats great and all. Personally I think I would have gone a different way with the catch phrase... :)

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The story is too old to be commented.