Joystiq: What features should MS spring for the Fall Update?

Although IPTV screens are "unrelated" to the Xbox 360's Fall Update, they are all that is known about the last of this year's major 360 updates. Last year's Fall Update included 1080p support, HD DVD functionality, XNA functionality, WMV compatibility, and more. Some pretty big-ticket items in there, to be sure. And there's been two Spring Updates ('06 and '07), both of which came with some huge improvements including background downloading and chat and IM functionality.

Just two days before the one-year anniversary of the Fall Update, Joystiq would like to ask you gamers, what you would expect to see in this year's Fall Update? There's been rumors of DivX video support, an XBLA blade, and integrated clan functionality. Surely there's more up the sleeve of Redmond's oversized fall-themed sweater. What do you readers want to see in your Fall Update?

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Zhuk4867d ago

clan/group support would be absolutely awesome and change the way we game on Xbox Live, like having an N4G group so we can see what we're all playing and can play games together. More video codecs would be nice too

socomnick4867d ago

I want to see Hd porno videos on video marketplace.

tony4866d ago

hahaha! funny, but i hate to tell you that,it will never happen.

socomnick4866d ago

your lieing you cant Crush my !!!!DREAMS!!!!
(Runs away Crying)

wageslave4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

I want a Windows Vista Sideshow blade or compatibility in some way.

Then we could put stock tickers gadgets, weather gadgets, RSS news-reader gadgets and the rest. Could conrol software on your Vista box this way as well (start/stop bittorrent from the console to give you more bandwidth for gaming) for instance...

I would also like the new XNA Blade (or compatibility). So we can run the XNA Studio Express software being written...

technokid3604866d ago

option 2 save pictures, photos & video 2 the HDD (not live market place). able 2 brows the net, download youtube videos & save them 2 HDD, that would me nice!

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