Seven things to love about PlayStation Vita

MSNBC: I have to admit, I’ve been a bit skeptical about the PlayStation Vita.
Though Sony’s forthcoming handheld machine — the successor to its PlayStation Portable — comes with a whole lot of power under the hood, a 5-inch OLED touchscreen, full traditional game controls as well as touchscreens on the front and back … I’ve wondered if there is still room in our lives for a portable gadget that’s dedicated to gaming.

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jack_burt0n4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

sony just need to hit the tablet users hard now gamers are sold, give it open office, decent email, browser support, divx 720p, adobe, ebook and they will cut into the tablet market big time @ $249.99. lol even get angry birds 2 exclusive for a month.

zinkabass4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

bro,.. They are not on the same market,.. even if Vita in reality could do all that 10 times better and faster,..
They are not making money on hardware at all (they say they are loosing, but probably not much this time),..

We will get some apps for sure,.. Incrementally even open office perhaps,.. but not from day 1,..
I am just glad we get browser, skype and media capabilities,..for now

They don't need them,..(because why would they give them hardware for free(or at loss)if they in reality spend very little on games? They need us gamers to buy the fucking games,..The more software we buy the more of them they have to produce(for gamers), the cheaper the production cost,.. the more features we will get to entice not strictly gamers,..

If they completely opened it up,.. we would not be paying 250 300 for it ,.. believe me,.. It would make no sense,..

NewMonday4689d ago

i wish they would release a 7" version sometime in the future.

pangitkqb4689d ago

@ jack-burt0n

I think you hit the nail on the head. As a gamer I am sold and plan on purchasing a Vita as well as several full-fledged games. However, I would be even more sold if Vita was also an open-market type deal with something similar to the Apple Store on iPhone's and iPods.

Not only would Sony get my money on the $40 games, but also various app types from games to function. Sony is already looking at brining games to other platforms with PlayStation Suite, why not work the other way for additional benefit?

I think the big question is...why not be more than just one or the other if the capability - and market - is there?

Controversy4689d ago

Zinkabass.... you are wrong.

miyamoto4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

" The back touchpad
I admit, I was having a hard time making sense of the Vita's back touchpad. Since nothing like it has appeared on a game machine before, it was difficult to imagine how it might come into play in a game and why I should care.
But after playing Vita games like “Little Deviants” and “LittleBigPlanet Vita” I had that “Ah ha! Now I get it!” moment. In the "Little Deviants" collection of mini games, there’s a level in which you must roll a ball-shaped creature around a landscape and into a hole. To roll him around, you touch the back touchpad which makes it so you appear to push the landscape on the screen upward. Trace your finger around that back panel and the landscape rises into a hill, shoving the ball around. Check out the game’s trailer here for a look at what I’m talking about.
Similarly, play the “ModNation Racers” game that’s in the works for Vita and you'll be able to quickly create mountainous terrain for your racetracks by simply pressing on the back of the screen. Check out this below video and you’ll see what I mean.
It is a seemingly simple thing, but the more I played around with games that are implementing this back touchpad, the more I could see just what a smart, fresh idea it is and just how it really will unlock some unique new gameplay experiences."

Touching your game with out visual interfering fingers or stylus!

We will make sure this one of a kind implementation won't get buried under the Nintendo bandwagon.

eagle214689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

LBP/Modnation are not my type of gameplay. Average gameplay if you ask me.

miyamoto4689d ago

" So, what’s not to like?

Of course, no gadget is perfect for all people.

While at first glance there is a lot to love about the Vita, I did find at least one negative. The biggest thing I noticed was that, with its dimensions, it's a bit awkward to hold in my small hands. For example, as I shifted from using the shoulder buttons to reaching for the back touchpad or moved my fingers toward the front touchscreen, I felt as if the thing didn’t remain all that well balanced in my grip. In fact, Vita is so sleek and so light, I felt like I might just lose my hold on it as I shifted from one control scheme to the other. But again, my hands are an adult size small so perhaps not everyone will have the same problem."

Solution: Wrist Strap

Also, Sony's announcement that they have partnered exclusively with AT&T to deliver 3G to the Vita was a disappointment. Clearly, they have not learned from Apple's mistake.

Wait a sec. Xperia Play is on Verizon!!! Why PSV is on At & T?
Get a wi-fi version only if you dislike At&T.

Der_Kommandant4689d ago

249 USD
249 USD
249 USD
249 USD
249 USD
249 USD
249 USD

a_bro4689d ago


zinkabass4689d ago

We will see,.. Apparently other people are doing it so I don't know if it will be any good..

but I must admit I really hope that this announcement teaser trailer is an actual splash screen for it,..

if you can put your own music in, I am almost sold on the game,..(no game needed)


Redempteur4689d ago

that price is just right for me considering tat it's backward compatible ..with psp software & minis ...

iforgotmylogin4689d ago

poor excuse for backwards compatibility imo.

zinkabass4689d ago (Edited 4689d ago )

@iforgotmylogin ,..
I don't know,.. Since it is running it's own emulator,..

Playing PSP1 Games Uprezed into 'HD-esque' is quite a big deal,..

Playing them on OLED screen with crazy ass contrast ratio,.. is quite a big deal

Having a real damn analog stick ,.. is quite a big deal

Being able to map right analog stick in whatever game for whatever function (usually the camera) is quite a big deal,..

Raendom4689d ago

I love it when Microsoft do articles about their competitors, they're actually a great company now I think about it. :3

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