Red Steel Won't Have Online Capability...Yet

Red Steel is one of the highly anticipated games for Wii. With previous reports that Wii launch titles will lack online functionality, Ubisoft Senior Project Coordinator Stephanie Langlois discussed in an interview, the multiplayer mode of Red Steel.

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BIadestarX5880d ago (Edited 5880d ago )

Surprise .. Surprise.. All of the sudden the XBox live killer remain to be seen. No wonder is free. How can they charge for something that does not exist?

drewdrakes5880d ago

lol, Well i hope its online, it would be sweet to swordfight against people. None the less, i highly doubt anything will beat xbox live, Microsoft knows their software too well. (they are the only one out of the 3 that is an actual software company)

Balance5880d ago

agreed, yawn it is a no-blood kiddie wii thing. no online doesn't surprise me.

drewlusk5880d ago

It's no suprise that Nitendo will be lagging behind in online play. Who wants to buy a system that is not as powerful as the 360/PS3 and does not have online support? This is a way to pedal a new controller scheme. Nintendo Wii is for kids.

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