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"Well as it turns out, inFamous 2 manages to keep and add to everything that was good about the first one while making a conscious effort to correct the mistakes of the original, and that's precisely what I was hoping for!" - Gordon Bryant

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Joni-Ice3881d ago

Gonna Pass? LOL! Love to see what game you do buy.

Spectator13881d ago

Well, my avatar tells you one ^^

aksmashh3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I don't normally play one player games but i'm really enjoying this.

It reminds me a little of Heroes (TV show). Its going to be interesting playing as the Villian, playing through as the Heroe at the mo

naznatips3881d ago

Do want!... but I can't afford it right now. Some day... some day.

Warprincess1163881d ago

Sigh... poor people. You better buy it NEW. Sony and Sucker Punch deserve your money by creating such a great title.

Dart893881d ago

Wow,really princess that is by far the stupidest comment you have ever made just cuz someone dosen't buy a game knew means they're poor??Since i bought it for $25 from my friend does that make me poor,hell no it's called saving money.The only time i buy a game new are one's that i really want like BF3,uncharted 3,Twisted metal,The ICO/STC collection,Resistance 3.

Kantor3881d ago

Just because he's waiting for a sale doesn't mean he'll buy it used.

coolbeans3880d ago

That's rather sickening of you to state imo. Wouldn't you rather he be able to afford the hobby he loves?

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Torillian3881d ago

Sounds pretty good, though honestly I was really hoping that with the mention of the Beast in the first that the second would have Cole going around recruiting other heroes Mass Effect style, that woulda been so awesome.

dragon823880d ago

Not going to spoil anything but you should give it a try. ;)

Neckbear3881d ago

Honestly, after getting a Good playthrough done, have to say it did end up being much better than what I was first expecting.

The only thing I would fix is the pacing, but then again, this wouldn't be the first case of slow pacing present to build and develop relationships steadily, and then, pull off a climax to end everything with a bang.

dragon823880d ago

I just finished my HERO run yesterday. I have to say it was an EPIC follow-up to the original.

LilDeja933881d ago

Still got to play the origional lol good thing i got it through the Welcome Pack :)

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