No Xbox 360 Shortages in Europe this Holiday Season!

Last holiday season, gamers in Europe and around the world were hard-pressed to find a coveted Xbox 360 anywhere (with the notable exception of Japan) due to the limited production of the console to meet its ambitious global launch window. This year is a completely different story as Chris Lewis, Microsoft's European chief executive, proclaimed that there will be no Xbox 360 shortages in the continent for this upcoming holiday season.

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TheMART5877d ago

Imagine if parents are going to the shops and other consoles can't deliver, 360 is there. There will be so much 360's sold this Christmas and even get fanboys of Sony and Nintendo

MS is doing just fine

BURLY5877d ago

...with the insanely high price of the PS3. I mean, have you seen how expensive the PS3 is in all other countries other than the US, Canada, and Japan?

Seriously, the PS3 won't stand much of a chance against the 360 in the European market and I still contend that the best day for the 360 will be the day the PS3 actually launches. Because then Sony's arrogant lies will become just that -- ARROGANT and false! People will see that the 360 is graphically superior, that DVD's are just fine for games (thank you very much), and that they can experience a far better line-up of exciting second-generation games for a fraction of the cost.

Just trust me when I say that Japan won't tip the scales this time because Sony will find things just as severe in a lot of their formerly strong markets.

$999 in Australia -- what the hell is that?

TheMART5877d ago


Only the console? Damn...

They got crazy for real

The Snake5877d ago

That's $762 US after conversion. Yikes.

bernie5877d ago

I'm going to be picking up a second Xbox360 for my girlfriend this Christmas, along with a Live vision camera, Kameo, Viva Pinata & Lego Star Wars.

She loves mine and being able to have a video chat across Live without all the expensive phone calls (We will both have Xbox Live anyway) will be really cool. :)

BURLY5877d ago

I'll leave all potential uses for that function up to you.

But I also think that it is a great feature for friends and family to stay in touch with.

Aramis0015877d ago

Lol. You think that's a cool idea, check this out...

Lol imagine the possibilities...

Marriot VP5877d ago

good call bernie, however I played kameo demo and found it to be very dull and unexciting.

hey but that's from a halo boy so what do I know. Gamer girls rock.

Microsoft Master5876d ago

No shortages. Of course there won't be. The 360 is full steam ahead, and is driving one of the most successful console launches in history. Credit is due to Microsoft really....