L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass Breakdown

Matt writes - "I’m not gonna beat around the bush. Go buy this right now. If you enjoyed LA Noire, there’s no reason not to buy this. Getting 4 DLC cases for $10 is a steal, and the extras are just gravy."

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Gamingisfornerds3557d ago

After playing 3 missions of LA Noir I was like: "This game is awesome!"

After another 3 missions I was like: "God, I'm so bored already".

There's no denying the quality and production values of this game, but it just gets very boring, very quickly.

EVILDEAD3603557d ago

LA. Noire is amazing..loved Naked City that came with the Gamestop pre-order.

The game is crazy addicting as it is ( Love the fact that you get ALL of the DLC (past and future) for one price instead of waiting a year to get them bundled.

I see this idea getting addapted by other games in the future.


Hellsvacancy3557d ago

I bought the R* Pass, i didnt know you get the other unreleased dlc aswel, i thought all you got was The Naked City and A Slip of the Tongue


LiamIRL823557d ago

My 3 most hated letters DLC. Haven't bought live points or psn cards in 4 months and I plan to keep it that way, it's disc or nothing for me, eff it.

outwar60103557d ago

im the same soooo many disappointing mass effect or dragon age dlc im done buying dlc unless its goty editions

Tex1173557d ago

LA Noire is a prime example of the issues plaguing games that are trying to break through traditional story telling mechanics. In other words, games trying to tell stories in a traditional manner are running into the issue of marrying compelling gameplay with the story.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game for the most part, but the game did drag on a little bit at times. (And this is not due to the lack of explosions or anything like that)

There were moments of brilliance as it smacked of style, but other times it was...geesh, not this sheet again.

The story was solid, but where it finally opened up to drive its point really wrap it all up as a compelling narrative, it fell short due to either editing (probably) or bad writing. I think its the former.