Check Out Rock Band's USB Hub

When Rock Band ships next month, you'll quickly realize there aren't enough USB slots on Xbox 360 to accommodate the load of peripherals that need to be jacked in for the whole experience. Given that the older versions of the PlayStation 3 feature four accommodating USB ports, this extra step won't be necessary there.

1UP reports:

"We were recently shipped the finalized Rock Band peripherals, including the USB hub. We haven't had enough time with the hub to determine how well it holds up -- up until now, we've been using a separate hub that was delivered with an earlier version of the game, but isn't part of the bundle on Xbox 360 -- but we can't say we're happy about having yet another device that needs to plug into the wall, especially considering the hub's limited length.

The hub's made by a company called ViPowER, and while it's a little disheartening there don't seem to be many reviews of the other USB hubs they make, here's hoping we don't have to search out our own replacement hubs a few weeks after launch."

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Skerj4870d ago

That thing is pretty ghetto, an alternate power source? Why couldn't it be USB powered? I also thought the 360 had a USB port in the back of the system making it 3 total.

Gordii4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Ps3 gets hammered because they put things INTO their system. now there is another item you need to buy for the xbox360 :D waist your money childeren... :D :D :D.... *And i dont want to hear that ps3 has 2 usb thats the 40gig cheap a$$e$ get what you buy*

*sorry i had to get my digs in :P* i am happy now :D

wil4hire4870d ago

(pats usb ports)

the 360 has enough plugs.. and have you seen the wired mic? lol. so 80's.. it hooks up to the controller.

I Call 9MM4869d ago

I have said this before and I will say it again, the management team at microsoft is completely useless. Why don't they just let Harmonix use their wireless protocol for free, or just include it at no extra cost to them in the licenses they need to develop for the 360. These are proprietary controllers, ie: they will only be used with rock band and possible future Rock Band games. They fill only a certain niche. Microsoft will not loose any money because nobody is going to go out and start using the guitar to play Halo 3, or maybe use the drum set to play Bioshock. No, that just won't happen. People are still going to go out and buy wireless 360 controllers from Microsoft. Why would Microsoft charge a company, who is going to be releasing a great, most likely highly profitable game to them, extra just to use their proprietary technology and give them an inferior version then the other consoles. Because they are stupid, plain and simple. I believe the ratio of how fat/rich/stupid you are greatly increases your position up the corporate ladder. Anyway, there's my rant for the day, enjoy.

P.S: Is the PS3 all wired as well. The guitar is wireless I'm sure, right?

DrPirate4869d ago

Good post man.

To answer your question:

PS3 bundled guitar are wireless with a USB dongle.
The drums are Wired.