Bobby Kotick 'in real trouble': Battlefield 3 war of words hots up

The fierce rivalry between Activision's Modern Warfare 3 and EA's Battlefield 3 has hit boiling point - as John Riccitiello proudly boasts of "getting the goat" of Bobby Kotick.

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just_looken4305d ago

there both fps both have campers both require limited skill and just are pick it up and go wow im fn good look at me spray the pkm wow im skilled me throw hatchet 90ft and get a kill oh and don't forget the toe shooting and sniping. Why is there a fight between them when both are trends.

fluffydelusions4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

The snipers are the one issue I find annoying about bf games. There are always way to many. Cod however has way more problems IMO.

@below that is true but I still play bfbc2 and nothing is worse then half of a team made of snipers just camping out across the map picking people off.

DoomeDx4305d ago

Sniping in CoD is alot worse.
Kids love to noscope and quickscope and tell their friends are school about how awesome their 360-one-finger-in-the-nose-whi le dancing-around-in-underwear-no scope kill

Fishy Fingers4305d ago

Never really had a problem with campers, snipers or really most of the stuff I hear people moaning about. Thats in either BF or COD games. I just get on with it and try and have fun.

T-K47x4304d ago

Yeh snipers in BF games are annoying as its a team game so having nearly a full team of snipers just means an instant loss. I think they should have a limit on the amount of classes in BF3 as it would encourage team work more.

lil Titan4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

one thing i remember about COD that i hate is that there would be people 40ing left and right, they would purposely die just to get another 2 shells to use. worst experience ever aside from the campers who would get killstreaks and that god dam helicopter that is an instant 6 to 7 kills easy

side note: why are these articles between COD and BF appearing? personally BF shouldnt be even matched against COD since BF is more to the "REAL" side of combat

kancerkid4304d ago

There will be a team death match mode in Battlefield 3 which noob campers will flock to, thus, leaving Rush and COnquest ALONE.

ABizzel14304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

This is not a classy look from EA, but I have to say based off of what I've seen so far I'm much more interested in Battlefield 3, although I must say the MW3 single player campaign footage shown at 3E looked better than most of the previous games, Battlefield on the other hand is just amazing with all the destructibility etc. EA you have nothing to prove, so keep it classy and save the fanboy war for the fanboys. You've pretty much PS3 fans (even though you've been with them since PS1), and Activision are 360 fans even though most of their games outsell the 360 version except Call of Duty.

MW3 will outsell Battlefield, but I think this Battlefield will sell 10 million copies overall which is the first step in catching the Modern Warfare crowd. But the fans need to tell their friends about it, and the PS3 fans need to buy the game so they can enjoy Battlefield 1943 for free.

Inside_out4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

...that is why they have moved their game to October. They know they can't compete and Kotick is poking fun at them.

EA says that they already showed the console version...O_o...Really??? Where is it. Even the media that have played Battlefield behind closed doors are asking the same questions...Where is the console version???

Dice has been calling other devs lazy and that their Frostbite 2 engine is a next gen engine in the current dumb is that. This is starting to look a lot like the Black ops Vs MOH last did that turn out again and who was the pub behind MOH....oh,

Wait till Activision adds considerable insult to injury when they smash EA in court for trying to steal COD MW. Sorry EA, those E-mails are all the proof they need and 200 MILLION is a big number.

guitarded774304d ago

I don't have a problem with people playing as snipers as long as it's to the benefit of the team. I also think anyone who plays Battlefield should be made to watch this video before they ever pick up a controller.

captain-obvious4304d ago

sniping in BF is challenging as hell
first you got to line up your shot thanks to the gravity effect
an then you have to make sure its a head shot if its a long shot
because its very unlikely to kill him if you shot him in the body

Washington-Capitals4304d ago

The true battlefield experience will still be on the PC, but im hoping the console version provides the best FPS online experience for console games.

tigertron4304d ago

Yeah I know what you mean, I always see lots of snipers camping on hill tops. I used to love sneaking up on alot of them as they were sniping and just knife them all without anyone noticing.

NatureOfLogic4304d ago

BF3 = over-hyped. I will not be buying BF3 this year, maybe next year( BFBC2 got boring really quick). BF need more than graphics to win me over.

lil Titan4304d ago

@KingElixir the game play is enough the graphics are just the eye candy. and my worst game of BF is still better than any game played on COD you lose

darksied4304d ago

The thing is, if the team is mostly snipers, that just means they have already lost. The thing I find the hardest, is when there's like 2 or 3 snipers on the other team; that means they are smart, and most likely good at sniping.

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BeastlyRig4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

pc devs don't make trends consoles devs make trends..

But I have not seen the console version but It will play similar!

The way you describe I don't play like that!

When I use my K/M it's all about head shots! Toes shots are for panic moments..

Then again it was ex pc devs who made this whole call of duty thing sooo idk...

Jezuz4304d ago

I really don't understand what you are talking about.

YogiBear4304d ago

Apparently they don't speak English in "What."

Dac2u4304d ago

@YogiBear: Pulp Fiction, great scene.

hiredhelp4304d ago

Grow up ppl stop complaining about ppl when they write.

death2smoochie4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Please tell us what trends do console developers accomplish that pc developers do not?

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SonyPS3604304d ago

Good god. I couldn't read past the first line through fear of getting more stupid for it.

otherZinc4304d ago

BF people shouldn't say anything, that single player campaign is terrible. People can say its for multi player but the fact is, more people play the SP than online.

I'm not a COD fan but have all the games & the SP is far greater than BF.

Also, I'm waiting to see BF3 on the console as well. When EA shows a trailer of CONSOLE GAMEPLAY ONLY, someone let us know please.

Also: where's the co-op?

RedDragan4304d ago

A COD fan complaining about another games single player mode?

We have a new definition for "Pot, Kettle, Black".

Kahvipannu4304d ago

hmmm.. yes, I finished last CoD campaign in 5 hours when I visited my friend, it was fun, but tiersome in the end with instant all-out action. But what's after that? Oh yeah, the multiplayer.. 99% of the gameplaytime people spend in CoD is multiplayer, don't expect it to change with MW3.

In BFBC2, I did play one mission SP, it was ok, but jumped straight to the MP, since I knew from Beta that it's "the game".

Clarence4304d ago

Your not a cod fan but have all the games? What? Cod SP is garbage.

Your not a cod fan but have all the games. Your funny.

Ser4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

"-the fact is, more people play the SP than online."


In all seriousness, though, do CoD's action movie campaigns really excite you? The campaigns feel like action flicks from the 90's.

Heck, even MoH's campaign was more enjoyable than CoD's for me. It felt so real, especially the missions where you play as "Dante." They made you feel like a real soldier in the heat of combat.


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beastgamer4304d ago

Bobby: Fans are leaving
Robert: we'll still sell high
Bobby: I want more, put back quick-scoping, now!

HardCover4304d ago

Why don't you try playing a BF game instead of assuming it's a 1:1 copy of COD


SCW19824304d ago

Have you even played Battlefield?

awi59514304d ago

BF is not a trend there are still hundreds of full 64 player servers still playing BF 2 today and it launched in like 05

NarooN4304d ago

The true Battlfield games require limited skill? Go play BF2 and try to lone-wolf it and kill the entire enemy team by yourself, you'll get fucking raped.

itzcoo4304d ago

for everybody complaining about no scopers in call of duty, is it really that hard to kill them? -_-

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Cloudberry4305d ago

But I admit, Battlefield 3 is amazing from what I've seen in trailers & such.

I'm sure both of them would be great nonetheless.

Still, it's interesting to see how the war between EA & Activision would turn out.

coolasj4304d ago

Hey, that means you can save money for Uncharted , Skyrim , Batman , Resistance , Halo , GoW ect.

Cloudberry4304d ago

The only FPS I will ever buy in 2011 is Resistance 3.

MoDyDo4304d ago

Quite a taste you have, yup Resistance 3 rocks

NobleRed4305d ago

Don't now If I buy Battlefield because I don't like driving arround in vehicles but Im definitely not buying COD.

DanSolo4304d ago

You don't have to drive around in vehicles mate, 9 times out of 10 when I play I am on foot.
Me and a friend who play alot have recently started using the helicopters just as something different... that is the great thing about the game... you never have to once get in a vehicle if you don't want to, it is just an option to do things a little differently if you so choose!

newn4gguy4304d ago

What Battlefield do you play? I play BF2 all the time (still) and it's probably in your best interests to get in a vehicle. BFBC 1 & 2 were more forgiving, but I think BF3 will be more like the original series.

DanSolo4304d ago

I play BF:BC2 mate, and yeah I do use vehicles quite a bit, but what I mean is although I use them.... you are not forced to use them. So probably 70% of my gaming time will be on foot. I will use tanks when the mood hits me, I use the quads and jeeps to get to places quickly, like if I am flanking people, and recently have started using the helicopters a bit more seriously as I used to just jump in and have a go before doing something else!

My guess is BF3 will occupy the middle ground, yes it will put more emphasis on the vehicles.... but not at all at the expense of playing on foot!

Ravenor4304d ago

In BF2 you're better off in a vehicle only because of the Random cone of fire and just latency problems in general with shots from a distance. Remember DICE's objective with BF2 was to improve the gun play over 1942 and Vietnam they did that, and in each iteration of the game they have improved the usefulness of the infantry guns and just the feel for the gun play in general.

I have no doubt in my mind that you'll be perfectly fine running around on foot, relying on your rifle and not a tank.

Shackdaddy8364304d ago


Really? Because I still play BF2 also and I only get in a tank on vehicle maps. For the most part I like to stay on foot as support or anti-tank.

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coolasj4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

The way to take down MW3 is to throw all of your efforts into hype and advertising. It's DICE's job to make the best FPS in recent history and EA's job to talk trash, hype the game, and advertise, advertise, advertise.

Didn't Modern Warfare break out because of that ludicrous amount of advertising money they threw at it? 100$ Million or something right?

Redempteur4304d ago

except that DICE has made a very impressive effort is both the game and the engine supporting IT.

While in MW3 , we had only scripted event , BF3 has a mix of both random and scripted and dammit the scale of the rendering sure is impressive ...

FlashXIII4304d ago

End of the day I doubt Kotick is really that bothered. He deals in numbers and profit and despite being a HUGE fan of the battlefield series and wishing that it blows MW3 out of the water.. chances are MW3 will sell a LOT more copies than BF3 and that is all Kotick cares about.

This isn't a bad thing however as I'd be distraught if the COD community started turning to battlefield and end up changing my beloved series into a glorified action film.