Capcom apologizes for Monster Hunter platform switch

The latest issue of Famitsu features an interview with the Monster Hunter team. Many PS3 fans were angered when the company made a surprising platform change for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3. The PS3 version of the game was canceled and became a Wii exclusive.

According to Famitsu, representatives of Capcom had a "big apology" for PS3 fans. "Famitsu pointed out that some people may have purchased a PS3 once Monster Hunter 3 was announced last year. This drew a big apology from the Capcom reps, who said that PS3 owners should wait for further announcements in the series."

Capcom is supposedly increasing their focus on PS3 development, but no significant projects have been announced for PS3 yet. A PS3 port of Lost Planet was recently revealed at its Gamers Day. If Capcom's asking PS3 owners to "wait" for another MH-related announcement, many Sony fans are going to be quite disappointed.

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Real gamer 4 life4877d ago

i hope they would release onimusha to the ps3. Even if it whent multiplatform i wouldnt care. i just wan a new one.

AllanWakker4877d ago

Capcom dug their own grave with their idiotic and shortsighted platform choices and now they are paying the consequences. They made their dumb choice to put Moster Hunter on the Wii back when it was selling 70-100k a week in Japan and now the Wii is falling like a rock in sales over there and almost no one but Nintendo is making money off of game sales for the Wii.

There are an enormous amount of first and third party software coming out for the PS3 over the next five years. Sorry Capcom, you reap what you have sown.

ruibing4877d ago

Words of apology rarely mean anything any more. Stabbing PS3 owners in the back over and over again, then apologizes and says stay tuned for more doesn't want me to stay at all. A real apology would be an exclusive for a well developed game, not a port of something PS3 owners never wanted much anyways.

FirstknighT4877d ago

I think it's Sony who should apologize for their ps3's horrible development kits and awkward ps3 engine.

Real gamer 4 life4877d ago

Why do you hate sony so much?

AllroundGamer4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

i really don't know how to say this... but you are right! devkits and devtools were terrible at the beginning, i am a developer, so i know what i am talking about. But they are upgrading them constantly to make them better. btw what's a ps3 engine??? games are build on engine, but PS3??? :D maybe you meant the xbox360 turbo jet engine? :D

Edit: omfg fanboys just pls calm down, someone should really get banned for such offensive comments, and i think AllanWakker is nasim...

AllanWakker4877d ago

"but you are right! devkits and devtools were terrible at the beginning, i am a developer, so i know what i am talking about."

Bullshit idiot.

"But they are upgrading them constantly to make them better."

Wow, you mean like every console developer has done for every console ever made?

Stupid fanboys running their dimwitted mouths off about 'hard teh program!!!' Go away loser.

Husso4877d ago

Dumb xbot, look at GT5 Killzone and Uncharted, you should kiss sonys ass they made hardware capable of that. or go play with you POS breaks all the time cant run a decent game 360

Capcom sucks, i will never buy any o their games.

FirstknighT4877d ago

I'm not hating, I'm just stating fact. Top Developers have been complaining about the ps3 for a long time now. Many top games on the ps3 suffer crazy framerate issues. That's not hating. That is just fact. The Monster Hunter platform switch is just a perfect example of developers giving up on the ps3. I'm tired of all these articles of developers apologizing for their ps3 efforts. Just read an article about Konami's apology of PES 2008. When will you finally realize that maybe it could be Sony's fault.

Clinton5144877d ago

This is what makes reading your ridiculous comments so entertaining.

Husso4877d ago

Your a ignroant xbot retard.

Insominacs, Konami, Activision, SquareEnix all praised the hardware.

I'll take their word over bums that never mad anything worth a damn.

ruibing4877d ago

I wonder of how many lines of Gabe's (from Valve) prophecies you had to go through for your description of the PS3.

Right now, we have three developers bashing the PS3. Valve who didn't want to work on it so they gave it away. EA who didn't like how they can't just port it around like on a PC. And that ex-Rock Band developer who is probably unemployed and worked on a project that is no graphical marvel.

On the other side, we have every other big developers and publishers, ranging from Square Enix, Ubisoft, Activision, Kojima Production, Level 5, Insomaniac, Naughty Dog, and more. They all believe that despite its big learning curve (much more than they experienced when moving from PS1 to PS2), it was worth it and allowed them to do what they never thought could be done. They don't have limitations in terms of parallel processing power, graphics, and storage. This is why these exclusive first generation (1st year) PS3 games all look so good. And once they get used to the architecture and have their own graphics engine ready, they can make their next release faster and make it run better.

Foliage4877d ago

If anything the PS3 has exposed the laziness of some developers.

Can you blame some of them for changing routes and making a 360 game (which is basically a PC game with restrictions), or a Wii game (that is basically a last-gen port)? The developers complaining are those that were riding the coattails of the talented few in the industry for years.

Yes the PS3 has a large learning curve, it's called innovation.

gaffyh4877d ago

Foliage I totally agree with you. Bubbles for you

mithril4876d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

Foliage I agree with you ;)

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socomnick4877d ago

Its stupid that people get mad at capcom. They should get mad at the person responsible Sony They release a game console that is not selling and is extremely difficult to program for. Im glad they moved development to the wii I know they will make a profit.

Real gamer 4 life4877d ago

the ps3 sold 5.8 mil in 11 months. And devlopers are starting to learn how to develop for the ps3. That why game are starting to look identical to there 360 counterparts. Games such as 2k8 and CoD4.

Honeal2g4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

FYI 360 sold more in its first 11 months than Ps3. Ps3 will reign in due time people want it to be the hottest thing since sliced bread and right now its obivously not in the spotlight. So just be patient sometime by the end of 2008 the system will dominate as nature intended but for now 360 runs next gen...just by its massive vareity of games and dont try and come at me with that red ring of lights garbage cause if u were smart.You would have gotten a warranty for purchasing a product over 300 dollars all you would have is walk in to the store and replace it! yea yea sony makes excellent hardware but ur still a simpleton for not gettin a warranty for anything that expensive ,and there are gonna be people who say that they take imaculate(pardon my spelling) care of there appliances but u never know wat could happen.

TheFatOne4877d ago

FirstknighT - They will when M$ apologizes for the RROD.

drewdrakes4877d ago

Theyre offering free replacements/repairs, and will lose over a billion for they arent sorry...

DemiseofPandas4877d ago

Don't act like MS is a charity. Everyone is just benefitting from European customer service laws, and Im sure they are sorry... that they have to pay for it.

DZNetworks4876d ago

Apologize... by offering a 3 year extended warranty...

Clinton5144877d ago

What they did was a sound business move and from the sounds of it, they will eventually be bringing the series to the PlayStation 3.