PALGN Gives 9/10 To Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword

When PALGN heard Beyond the Sword was going to be the biggest expansion to Civilization ever they were a little skeptical, but make no mistake about it, they have crammed so many new features and strategy options here that it definitely holds that claim to truth. There are the inevitable issues including specific tweaking, and the presentation is basically the same, but Beyond the Sword offers so much new that it could be considered a sequel, and expands the Civilization IV universe in such a way that it will keep fans of the original game busy for an extremely long time.

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Captain Tuttle4867d ago

This expansion is like gaming crack. Espionage is brilliant.

Evil0Angel4867d ago

i will be really intrested to know how IGN will rate UT3 IN PS3(especially if it will be relased this year.)

TheSadTruth4866d ago

ThiS kEn onLi bE donE wiTh The POWER ofF the SP3!!!!!

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