E3 2011: Battlefield 3 Interview with Karl Magnus Troedsson (GotGame)

Karl Magnus Troeddson, General Manager of DICE talks us through some of the new things that will be added in Battlefield 3′s Single Player and Multiplayer Modes including why they decided to add prone back into the game..

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Marcus Fenix3999d ago

this and gears 3 will fulfill my online shooting needs this year, can't wait.


"Well its not about beating them I would say, I mean our goal is to make the best battlefield game we have ever done"

Well said KM

DistrictMime3998d ago

Totally agree with you there. He's a genuine guy and I love that he knows his shit instead of the repeated lines someone else remembers about the game and says it in every interview.


yeah unlike that tosser from EA who is out to get COD but fails to realise everytime hes mentioning CODs name hes actually doing some free marketing for Activision and potentially damaging BFs Sales.

Instead of taking the Devs mature attitudes and just brushing it off without even mentioning the name, props to KM hes a likable guy and im sure a great boss.