Blast Magazine: Duke Nukem Forever review: retro, crass and dissapointing

A man wakes up from a coma after almost 15 years. His friends, family and the world around him are vastly different than the world he remembers. The man makes a joke about something no one remembers and everyone laughs politely.

This, in essence is what the majority of Duke Nukem Forever feels like. Yes, it’s great seeing Duke after all these years, but he is truly a man stuck in time.

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TheKindRoost3700d ago

Aging isn't kind to everyone, not even the duke. Didn't expect much from this anyway.

CernaML3700d ago

I cannot comprehend such bad grammar...

Roscoe3zz3700d ago

One of the worst games of the year so far.

Kon3700d ago

No, the worst game so far is an exclusive.

meetajhu3700d ago

Halo:Reach was way way worse than any fps released till date. DNF is so much fun to play.

Chnswdchldrn3700d ago

lol keep lying to yourselves

Pozzle3700d ago

I don't know...I think the shovelware that gets 1-3/10 review scores are probably much worse.

Pozzle3700d ago

"Yes, it’s great seeing Duke after all these years, but he is truly a man stuck in time."

IMO the game should have played on this. Duke is a 80's style action hero in a 21st century would have been funnier if the game acknowledged this and emphasized how much times have changed yet Duke himself hasn't.

x3r0133700d ago

bad game, crap grammar in teh 5/10, grammar= 2/10...if you are going to claim to be a games "journalist" at least learn to write!

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