1UP Reviews The Simpsons Game for the PS3 and X360

Few games embrace their license's soul so well -- The Simpsons Game nails the show's trademark humor, in-jokes, and social satire, plus it features impressive cartoony graphics and the real-deal voice actors. This is total fan service, meaning Simpsons fans -- and apologists -- will be pleased. The standard-issue platforming and beat-em-up gameplay -- in co-op or player-swapping form -- though, is nothing special. Fortunately, an abundant collection of game parodies pepper the missions and give the game added personality that elevates it over its gameplay misgivings.

Overall score: 7/10

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Hapimeses4873d ago

That's about what I was expecting for this game. If I spot it on the cheap, I may buy it, but otherwise I'll probably be giving this one a miss.

That said, my daughter loves the demo, so I may not have a lot of choice.


nobizlikesnowbiz4873d ago

Played demo. Was great fun. Reminded me of the days when I devoted my time to watching every new Simpsons episode.

Evil0Angel4873d ago

i want UT3 this year in PS3
i want UT3 this year in PS3
i want UT3 this year in PS3
i want UT3 this year in PS3

HOWEVER if sony decide to drop a demo of KZ2 in PSN i will be happy but till then..

i want UT3 this year in PS3
i want UT3 this year in PS3

SofaKingReetodded4872d ago

who always trolls PS3 threads?

AllanWakker4873d ago

No one gives a damn what the pathetic Xbots at EGM and 1Up have to say about games.

Hurry up and go out of business losers.

ThisIsWaiting4873d ago

or do you save all your tardness for N4G ... and then just let it all hang out?

harpua4873d ago

how much longer till we get a video comparison for this one? [es]

jackdoe4873d ago

lol, Video comparison of a crappy game like this isn't worth the effort.

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